The Nightly: May 22nd, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight, we’ll be taking a look at the December 14th, 1998 episode of WWF Raw Is War/War Zone. This was the fallout show for Rock Bottom. This show had the McMahons choose Stone Cold’s Royal Rumble number, which just happened to be number 1, as well as the announcement that Vince himself would enter the Rumble match. We also got the Brood’s first Bloodbath, and we also got new tag champions in the form of Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock after an assist from Commissioner HBK. And in the main event, The Rock retained the WWF Championship against Triple H after some help from a Motley Crue roadie turned wrestler in Test’s official debut, as the Corporation would gain yet another member.

Overall, this was a really strong Raw as we move towards the end of 1998, and towards Royal Rumble 1998. It’s been quite the year for WWF to say the least.

On to the Nightly.

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