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CMLL Roundup: La Copa Jr. VIP 2022 tournament, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

The Copa Jr. VIP 2022 tournament was in full swing for CMLL’s Friday show (May 20). Eight luchadores from wrestling families competed for the honor. Past winners of La Copa Junior include Hector Garza, Shocker, Dos Caras Jr. (Alberto del Rio), Dragon Rojo Jr., La Sombra (Andrade), Super Halcon Jr., Maximo, Esfinge, Soberano Jr., Niebla Roja, Universo 2000 Jr., and Angel de Oro.

After a battle royal to determine matchups, quarterfinal results were:

  • Volador Jr. defeated Angel del Oro
  • Atlantis Jr. defeated Stuka Jr.
  • Soberano Jr. defeated Niebla Roja
  • Mistico defeated Mephisto

Volador Jr. took down Angel de Oro with a via backcracker. Soberano Jr. handled business for a springboard moonsault as Niebla Roja was hung in the ropes. Mistico earned the win on Mephisto with a Spanish Fly.

Atlantis Jr. versus Stuka Jr. was chock full of intensity. Atlantis sprint down the ramp for a leaping crossbody over the ropes to start the match. Both men tried to remove each other’s masks. For the finish, Atlantis powered out of a pinfall sending Stuka into the air crashing onto the referee. Atlantis removed his own mask and threw it into the hands of Stuka. The referee stood up to see the mask in Stuka’s hands and awarded the cheap victory to Atlantis.

Semifinal results were:

  • Atlantis Jr. defeated Volador Jr.
  • Mistico defeated Soberano Jr.

Atlantis Jr. and Volador Jr. both survived signature maneuvers. Volador kicked out on a ramp-running crossbody, and Atlantis kicked out of a backcracker. Atlantis had the last laugh with a Torture Rack submission for victory.

Mistico and Soberano Jr. dueled in a high-flying contest. Soberano connected on a Fosbury Flop and a flying corkscrew crossbody. Later, Soberano hit his rope-hung springboard moonsault finisher, but Mistico kicked out on the cover. Mistico rocked it into high gear to spring up for a Spanish Fly. He finished Soberano with a whirling armbar submission.

Mistico will meet Atlantis Jr. in the Copa Jr. VIP final on May 27. They had a physical showdown to tease the bout. Atlantis connected on a suicide dive, and Mistico landed a flying crossbody to the outside. Atlantis stood tall in the end by stealing Mistico’s mask.

Enjoy the Copa Jr. VIP tournament highlight package to satisfy your fix for cool lucha libre moves.

The May 27 show will also have an eliminator to crown winners for the vacant Mexican National Trios Championship. The participating squads include:

  • Virus, Cancerbero, & Luciferno
  • Fugaz, Esfinge, & Star Black
  • Magia Blanca, Magnus, & Rugido
  • Dulce Gardenia, Rey Cometa, & Espiritu Negro

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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