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Starrcast will have a Four Horsemen reunion, but Ricky Steamboat won’t be Ric Flair’s Last Match

The 69 year old Dragon says he turned down the offer to work with the 73 year old Nature Boy on July 31 in Nashville.

The celebration of Ric Flair scheduled for SummerSlam weekend in Nashville — also known as Starrcast V — announced a big addition to its line-up. But it also seems to have lost out on a rumored piece of its main event.

Starting with the, well, I won’t call it “bad” news, mostly because it’s hard to argue with Ricky Steamboat’s decision to not risk his legacy (or his health) by returning to the ring for Ric Flair’s Last Match. The Dragon was reportedly going to team with Rock ‘n’ Roll Express to take on the Nature Boy & FTR, but during a recent Highspots virtual auction, the 69 year old said:

“I was approached and [I’ve] given it some really serious thought. A lot of respect for the guy in the ring. Both of us are night and day when it comes to stuff out of the ring.

“I thought about it for a week and just recently declined on it. I know when I wrestled Jericho at WrestleMania 25 and then we had the return match at Backlash in a singles. At 69, and I know it’s a six man tag and I can get a little this and that in, but with all due respect to our fans, I want them to remember me that last time I was in there with Jericho when they chanted, ‘You still got it!’ I don’t want to scar that phrase.”

“It would be a great payday, sure, but I don’t want them thinking ‘maybe he should have stayed retired.”

We’ll see who joins the team opposing Flair on July 31. Maybe one of these fellas wants to give it another go? Would be weird to have him opposite Naitch in a match, but I’m pretty sure Arn Anderson still has a bullet or two left in the Glock...

Starrcast head honcho Conrad Thompson said of Saturday’s Horsemen Reunion:

“We will have this group of Horsemen together for the first time and the last time talking about the Jim Crocket Promotions era! Don’t miss the best photo-op EVER for this group on July 30th! Wait until you see the set!”

Excited for Starrcast V, even without another round of Flair/Steamboat?

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