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Virgil says he’s been diagnosed with colon cancer

Last month, former WWE & WCW wrestler Mike “Virgil” Jones shared that he’d recently suffered two strokes. He also said he’d recently learned he had early stage dementia.

Now, the 59 year old has revealed he’s also been diagnosed with cancer.

Especially if it’s detected early, Stage II colorectal cancer is treatable by surgery or chemotherapy. Provided it hasn’t spread beyond the colon, there is a high survival rate (per The American Cancer Society). Still, even if everything goes well, it’s a tough beat for the veteran wrestler considering the other health issues he’s already dealing with.

In addition to the fundraising link Virgil shared, he previously mentioned purchasing his “Meatsauce Madness” mobile game as a way fans could support him. That’s available on The Apple Store and Google Play.

Whether you’re able or inclined to help financially, keep a good thought for old Soultrain Jones.

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