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Ric Flair’s seriously training to wrestle, and there’s already a rumor about his first match

Ric Flair didn’t even hang up his boots after getting one of the best send-offs in pro wrestling history, so it’s not like his retirement was ever etched in stone. But considering his latest near death experience five years ago and his being 73 years old, we weren’t taking his recent comeback talk seriously.

Turns out we never should have doubted the Nature Boy, at least not on this topic. Wrestling Observer is reporting that those videos Flair’s posted of him training with Jay Lethal (which we dismissed because, you know, they were edited so we never see him get up from any of the bumps he takes) are part of a plan to return to the ring. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer posted a new clip yesterday (May 13):

What’s more, Dave Meltzer mentioned on Observer Radio that “rumor has it” Naitch’s return match could be a six-man pitting him & FTR against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express & “somebody”. Rock ‘n’ Rollers Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton are currently on a farewell tour, and a date with Flair would be a marquee attraction for that. The involvement of Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler would ensure Ric doesn’t have to do too much during the match either.

But while that sounds like just about the most reasonable way you could possible have a Ric Flair match in 2022, there’s still the question of what the reaction to it would be. The wrestling world’s largely distanced itself from Flair after Dark Side of the Ring’s “Plane Ride From Hell” episode brought back tales of his past inappropriate behavior, and added allegations of sexual assault. Plenty of people are willing to forgive him for that, or explain it away as the product of less mature man in a different time as he does. But whoever books him will have face questions about and criticism of the decision.

Ready for Ric Flair’s latest comeback?

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