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MLW Roundup: Jacob Fatu’s Samoan Swat Team, Lince Dorado debut, more!

The world of MLW never sleeps. The major league promotion is coming in hot for Kings of Colosseum in Philadelphia on May 13 with a dynastic main event, Taya Valkyrie competing for the inaugural women’s featherweight title, and the debuts of Lince Dorado and Jacob Fatu’s Samoan Swat Team.

Jacob Fatu is bringing back the Samoan Swat Team with Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau. The tag team duo will be in action against Cesar Duran’s henchmen.

The Anoa’i wrestling family runs deep. Fatu and Samu made up the original Samoan Swat Team. Lance is the son of Samu. Jacob is the son of Tama. As for a Tongan in the Samoan Swat Team, the press release explains:

And while Tongans and Samoans have at times been engulfed in their own wars, including possibly a king being eaten during a contentious island conflict, Tongan Juicy Finau is family to Fatu. Super heavyweight Finau and Fatu represent the west coast of the Polynesian family. A proud Tongan with a devastating arsenal that defies and quite possibly breaks gravity, Finau rounds out what could be this decade’s most dangerous and promising team.

Lince Dorado will debut with MLW against nZo.

Dorado was released from WWE in November 2021. The MLW bout will be his first televised match since then. Dorado wanted top competition, and a win over nZo would place him in middleweight title contention.

The advertised lineup for Kings of Colosseum on May 13 includes:

  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Richard Holliday
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krugger
  • MLW World Middleweight Championship: Myron Reed (c) vs. Arez vs. KC Navarro
  • MLW World Tag Team Championship: Hustle & Power (EJ Nduka & Calvin Tankman) (c) vs. Von Erichs vs. 5150 (Hernandez & Danny Rivera)
  • MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship: Taya Valkyrie vs. Holidead
  • The Thrilla in Phila: Alex Kane vs. TBD victim
  • nZo vs. Lince Dorado
  • Matt Cross vs. ACH
  • Gangrel vs. Budd Heavy
  • Microman vs. Mini Abismo Negro
  • Samoan Swat Team (Lance Anoa’i & Juicy Finau) vs. Los Aztecas Uno y Cinco
  • Brittany Blade vs. Zoey Skye
  • Sandman, Blue Meanie, & Los Maximos return

Tickets are currently available (here) for Kings of Colosseum.

The primary story of MLW revolves around Richard Holliday’s lust for gold to violently attack Dynasty bro Alexander Hammerstone. Holliday will get his shot at glory in a world title bout.

The Thrilla in Phila has an interesting set of rules for the open challenge. If the opponent lasts 20 minutes, they will earn $20,000. If they can beat Alex Kane in under 20 minutes, then they will win the MLW National Openweight Championship.

Which Kings of Colosseum matches are you looking forward to on Fusion?

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