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Andrade joins forces with lucha libre legend to destroy AAA’s biggest star

Andrade has friends in high places. Last year at Triplemania XXIX, Ric Flair was by his side when challenging Kenny Omega for the AAA Megacampeonato. Now at Triplemania XXX Chapter 1, Andrade formed a new alliance with a lucha libre legend to destroy AAA’s biggest star.

The story began when Psycho Clown competed against Canek in the Ruleta de la Muerte mask versus mask tournament. Canek was in control when a familiar Bon Jovi tune hit. Dr. Wagner Jr. was in the house! His love is like bad medicine. Bad medicine is what we need.

Wagner has deep history with Canek as friends and rivals, but he wasn’t here to trifle with him. Wagner focused on Psycho and hit him with a bat. Canek dropped an elbow to pick up the easy pin. After Canek exited, Wagner teed off whacking Psycho with the instrument of pain. As Wagner posed on the turnbuckles, Psycho sprang up with a chair. That’s when Andrade ran in from behind to make the save. Andrade flattened Psycho and took his mask.

Wagner grabbed the mic to express his desire for revenge. At Triplemania XXV, Psycho beat Wagner in mask versus mask. Wagner wants payback. He proposed a new alliance with Andrade. After thinking it over, Andrade warned that he won’t do whatever Wagner wants, but he likes the idea of destroying Psycho. Andrade accepted, and a handshake sealed the deal.

Andrade was kind enough to place a towel over Psycho’s head to keep his identity a secret before Wagner joined him for a double suplex to the clown into a wooden board. Such scoundrels.

It will be interesting to see how this feud shakes out for future matchups on big shows. Since Psycho Clown lost, he remains in the Ruleta de la Muerte tournament semifinals for Triplemania XXX Chapter 2 on June 18. Perhaps a tag team bout could be down the line for Triplemania XXX Chapter 3 on October 15. Whatever the case, AAA has a new superstar alliance on their hands.

Do you like the pairing of Andrade with Dr. Wagner Jr.?

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