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CMLL Roundup: Former WWE luchador wins Universal Championship & Bobby Bonales Cup, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

Mistico is a name lucha libre aficionados need no introduction. For readers attracted by the WWE headline reference, remember original Sin Cara? The masked man was a superstar in Mexico as Mistico before plying his trade up north. When his run with WWE ended, the luchador returned as Myzteziz in AAA and later as Caristico in CMLL. To fill the hole in his absence, CMLL gave the Mistico character to a different luchador (Rush’s brother now known as Dralistico). When the second Mistico exited CMLL, the original Mistico took back the mask he made famous.

Mistico had a heck of a night on Friday (Apr. 29) by winning the Champion of Champions tournament and the Universal Championship at the 66th Arena Mexico Anniversary show. He competed against Templario and Titan in the finale. By luck of the draw, Mistico received a bye to face the winner between the other two luchadores. In the end of the first bout, Templario missed the mark on his handspring moonsault finisher from the ramp over the ropes into the ring. Titan pounced for an armbar to win. In the grand final, Mistico was in trouble after an armbar and flying double stomp, but he rallied to win via whirling armbar.

Enjoy all the high-flying highlights from Titan, Templario, and Mistico.

Winning the Universal Championship wasn’t the only decoration for Mistico on this evening. He was given the Bobby Bonales Cup, which is an honorary trophy for technical excellence. Bonales is credited as the innovator of the suicide dive. Dalys, Panterita del Ring, and Ultimo Dragoncito were also presented awards.

In other action from Friday night, Mephisto & Averno defeated Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero in tag team action. Averno hit a double underhook facebuster for Mephisto to pin Bucanero for elimination during the third fall. Guerrero rallied with a cazadora roll-up to pin Mephisto. That left victory to be determined between Guerrero and Averno.

Referee shenanigans tainted the finish. After Guerrero hit a super powerbomb, the referee counted 1, 2, then inexplicably stopped to turn his attention to Mephisto far away on the apron. Mephisto pointed to the far side at Bucanero. As the referee admonished Bucanero, Averno kicked Guerrero in the groin. The referee counted to three awarding the win to the cheaters. In typical post-match fashion, Guerrero challenged Averno to hair versus hair. We’ll see if that lucha de apuestas gains any traction to main event a big show in the future.

Check out the slamming highlights.

CMLL’s next tournament is the Copa Jr. VIP. Participants will be focused around luchadores from wrestling families. Angel de Oro was the victor last year. The eliminator takes place May 20 with the finale on May 27.

Closing with sad news. Toro Bill Jr. died at the reported age of 35. He appeared to have health complications during a match. Later that night, Toro Bill Jr. passed away. Reports indicate he suffered from a heart attack.

Read the Luchablog piece (here) to learn more about the career of Toro Bill Jr. Rest in peace.

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