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AEW Dynamite Preview (April 20, 2022): HOOK is here

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh. Last week, CM Punk took some damage from Penta Oscuro but ultimately won his match with the fearless one. The AEW tag champs Jurassic Express narrowly defeated reDRagon and got a beatdown for their troubles, but in a shocking turn of events, FTR came out to their defense and had a tense encounter with the losers. The Blackpool Combat Club was cool as hell. Captain Shawn Dean defeated MJF in a count-out victory. The Jericho Appreciation Society played the numbers game to their advantage and took out Kingston, Santana & Ortiz. MJF hired The Butcher to take out Wardlow. Marina Shafir defeated Skye Blue but failed to impress Jade. Lexy Nair tried to interview HOOK but was rudely interrupted by the world’s most boring wrestler Tony Nese. Danhausen continued and failed to curse HOOK. Powerhouse Hobbs delivered a brutal spine buster to Keith Lee to secure a tag team victory for himself & Ricky Starks over Lee & Swerve. Thunder Rosa told Tony Schiavone that she was ready for Nyla Rose (spoiler, she was). Finally, Samoa Joe wrestled Minoru Suzuki and won the ROH TV championship before confusing chaos invaded the ring in the shape of a debuting Satnam Singh.

This Week’s Headliner:

The time has finally come. HOOK is going to wrestle on Dynamite. This is huge! It’s going to change the face of the whole show! The HOOK revolution is taking over!

But seriously, HOOK wrestling on Dynamite is a great thing for him. He’s proven he’s more than a fun Twitter joke and that he is an incredible talent. They should give him a couple of squash matches on Wednesday just like they did on Friday and then find a title scene for him to compete in. The TBS championship has HOOK’s name all over it!

The Title Scene:

Adam Page once again proved that he is indeed worthy of the World Championship. Adam Cole can bluster and complain, but he is the weakest Adam. Not totally sure what they do with the fallout from this match. It’s clear that CM Punk is on his way to the championship, and they can’t keep doing Adam vs. Adam, but what’s next? Hopefully, we find out tonight!

One-half of the Tag Team Champs Jungle Boy will take on one-half of their current nemesis reDRagon in Kyle O’Reilly tonight for a spot in the Owen Hart Tournament. Honestly, I could see this one going either way, but whatever way it goes, I’m sure it’s not going clean. Not to mention the fact that FTR is lurking in the wings for a shot at the tag titles...

Former World Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker is returning to TV to take on Danielle Kamela (FKA Vanessa Bourne) in an Owen Hart Tournament qualifier. Britt is 100% winning this one. It’ll be nice to have the good doctor back on TV. Plus, if she’s involved in the tournament for a while she can stay away from Thunder Rosa and her championship for the time being. Thunder Rosa just had her first big defense, and she still needs to solidify her reign as champ before she takes on her old nemesis again.

Sammy Guevara was crowned the new TNT Champion after a chaotic, terrifying, death-defying match at Battle of the Belts II. Scorpio Sky didn’t lose a match for 402 days, but he certainly dropped that title fast! I blame Dan Lambert as I blame him for everything terrible in my life. I’m sure we’ll get some kind of rambling promo from him tonight about how Tay and Sammy cheated (even though Lambert, Sky AND VanZant also cheated), and we’ll begin the arduous journey toward a rematch. Or Scorpio Sky will do the right thing and punch Lambert in the face! But probably the first thing.

Jade will defend her TBS Championship against Marina Shafir this Friday night on Rampage. To be quite honest, Shafir’s match last week was wildly meh. I know Jade is supposed to be threatened by the big bad MMA star, but I think she has this one in the bag.

Other things to keep an eye on:

-Andrade El Idolo and his AFO buds have been consistently feuding with both The Hardy BoyS and Sting & Darby Allin for weeks. Darby Allin knows only one way to put a feud to bed, and that is to put it literally to bed. FOREVER. Tonight, Andrade and Darby go one-on-one in a Coffin Match. I’m sure it will be good, but just like TK’s HUGE announcements, I’m getting tired of these matches.

-Speaking of, Tony Khan has a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT tonight. Must be a Wednesday. The prevailing rumors are either a New Japan/AEW deal or a ROH tv deal. Are you ready for more wrestling on your television screens?

-An ROH tv deal would make a lot of sense considering all the ROH shenanigans we got last week with Samoa Joe, Dalton Castle, Johnathan Gresham, etc. etc. We could be getting some follow-up from Battle of the Belts II tonight, but TK also might be saving it for his new show. You can only have a little Samoa Joe treat if you’re patient!

-For the first time ever, wrestling legends CM Punk and Dustin Rhodes will be locking up in an AEW ring. This match will be fun, and it tickles a lot of the WRESTLING FAN TM parts of my brain, but there is no way CM Punk is losing here. He’s on his way to the championship, and ole Dustin Rhodes ain’t gonna stop him.

-In yet another desperate attempt to keep his disgruntled former employee away from him, MJF hired The Butcher to take out Wardlow. Again, this match will be fun as the Butcher is a big badass, but there is no way Wardlow is being stopped by an AFO lackey. He’s got one goal, and it’s the death of MJF.

-They should start giving The Blackpool Combat Club 30 min of air time each week. They aren’t scheduled for a match or anything, but they better show up on my tv. I LOVE THEM, YOUR HONOR.

-Presumably, Chris Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society will be smug as hell celebrating their victory over Eddie Kingston and Santana & Ortiz last week.

Tune into AEW on TBS at 8pm ET to see how all this plays out.

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