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CMLL Roundup: Champion of Champions tournament, three title changes, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world. A Champion of Champions tournament is underway and there have been three title changes since last we checked in on AAA’s rival as the top two promotions in Mexico.

CMLL’s prime focus at the moment is the Universal Championship tournament, where only champions qualify to participate. Two of the three phases have been completed for the finale on April 29.

The phase one winner was determined via 8-luchador tournament. After a battle royal to decide the matchups, first round results were:

  • Virus defeated Panterita del Ring Jr. via pretzel submission
  • Templario defeated Cancerbero via leg submission
  • Angel del Oro defeated Fugaz via rocking submission
  • Terrible defeated Esfinge via leg submission

Round two had an intriguing bout between Ingobernables teammates Terrible and Angel del Oro. The cheaters played it clean. Results were:

  • Templario defeated Virus via cartwheel moonsault down the ramp over the ropes into the ring
  • Angel del Oro defeated Terrible via roll-up off a submission attempt

The final came down to the Mexican National Middleweight Champion and the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion. Results:

  • Templario defeated Angel del Oro via super powerbomb.

Enjoy the rocking highlights of the phase one tournament.

Phase two was a round robin of sorts between Stuka Jr., Volador Jr., and Mistico. Stuka had luck of the draw to advance. Volador and Mistico battled each other with various aerial attacks. Mistico used a whirling armbar to submit Volador. Mistico then faced Stuka. The fresh man took advantage of the situation to pound down Mistico. Stuka withstood a rally to hit a flying splash. 1, 2, Stuka rose up. His attention was occupied by the arrival of rival Atlantis Jr. Mistico pounced for a whirling armbar to win and advance to the finale.

Check out the high-flying highlights of phase two.

Details for phase three have not been announced yet. The winner will advance to face Templario and Mistico in the finale.

In championship news, Terrible won the Mexican National Heavyweight Championship from Euforia after a 28-day run.

Terrible survived a double underhook suplex off the turnbuckles to trap Euforia in a leg submission for victory. The highlight package shows plenty of quality maneuvers from both luchadores.

El Dragon Rojo Jr. dethroned Soberano Jr. to win the CMLL World Middleweight Championship. Soberano had the title for 126 days.

Esfinge & Fugaz won the Mexican National Tag Team Championship from Felino Jr. & Polvora. The previous champs held the belts for 167 days.

We’ll close with sad news. Raziel died at the age of 49. Reports attribute his death to a car accident. He won the world trios and national trios titles with Cancerbero and Virus as partners.

I recommend reading the Luchablog post (here) to learn more about Raziel’s career.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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