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What’s better than a wrestling wedding? R-TRUTH OFFICIATED DOUBLE WRESTLING WEDDING

Raw’s 24/7 title scene morphed into a romantic comedy earlier this year, as love blossomed between current champion Dana Brooke and former champ Reggie. While pursuing the green and gold belt, Akira Tozawa also fell for Tamina. It took a while, but the taciturn former WWE Women’s Tag champ relented, and she and Tozawa are a couple now, too.

It’s all real dumb. But also pretty darn fun (just don’t focus on how poorly the Almost A Superhero thing is going for Nikki Cross, who went from Raw Women’s champ to can’t win the comedy belt in less than a year).

The dumb fun was on full display last night (April 11) with Dana & Tamina’ bachelorette party. The festivities were nearly spoiled by Nikki’s stripper scheme, but 24/7 scene stalwart R-Truth was there to calm things down. Truth gave a speech that basically amounted to “maybe the real title chase was the friends we made along the way,” then revealed he’s an officially certified marriaging guy!

So next Monday, we’re getting a double wrestling wedding! Then, once Truth gloriously matrimonialnize’s Dana & Reggie and Tamina & Akira, it’s open season on the 24/7 champ again!

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