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Young Bucks make cowardly return to ROH in the aftermath of Briscoes/FTR dream match

The Briscoes and FTR finally met in the long-awaited dream match at ROH Supercard of Honor, and it was 100% badass. The contest was a physical, intense, rugged fight with an electric atmosphere to crown new ROH tag team champs. In the aftermath, the Young Bucks made a cowardly return to the promotion.

The ROH World Tag Team Championship was on the line as the Briscoes defended the belts against FTR. When offered a Code of Honor handshake to begin, FTR turned their backs. That set an ornery mood.

When the tag team action spilled outside the ring, FTR catapult Jay Briscoe up under the table to cut him open.

There were several close pinfalls with dramatic kick-outs. The first occasion came about as Mark Briscoe escaped a spike piledriver. Harwood collided into the ring post, while Jay clocked Dax. The Briscoes hit the Redneck Boogie powerbomb neckbreaker combo, but Wheeler kicked out on the cover. Next was FTR connecting on a slingshot powerbomb and flying splash combo, but Jay kicked out. Briscoes rallied by using FTR’s signature Big Rig finisher, but Harwood kicked out.

Chaos ensued down to the floor. Wheeler hit a tornado DDT to Mark, then Jay hit a Spicolli Driver to Wheeler. Jay and Harwood both crashed to the concrete on a suplex off the apron. All four men reset to square off for fisticuffs in the center of the ring. That led to the Briscoes scoring their neckbreaker and froggy elbow combo. 1, 2, Harwood kicked out.

Briscoes aimed to finish with the Doomsday Device, however, they missed the mark when FTR escaped. FTR pounced for a Big Rig to pin Mark and win the ROH tag titles.

Afterward, tension was teased for the Code of Honor post-match handshake. FTR laid down the titles and bowed out of respect. The two teams made peace through war to embrace in hugs. FTR exited the ring to allow the fans to shower the Briscoes with adulation.

That’s when the Young Bucks arrived to ruin the love. The slid into the ring from behind for a superkick party and a BTE Trigger to the Briscoes. FTR ran back out for the save. Harwood and Wheeler were eager to put hands on the Jackson boys, so they offered an impromptu title bout. The Bucks were content to wait for a match against FTR on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday night.

This bout had a lot of hype behind it as a genuine dream match, and it delivered on expectations. The Briscoes and FTR beat the stuffing out of each other in a competitive affair with drama down to the wire. The Young Bucks’ sneaky arrival was the cherry on top of the sundae to set up round two of their rivalry with FTR. It is a great time to be a fan of tag team action.

Did Briscoes versus FTR live up to the hype in your eyes?

Get the full results of ROH Supercard of Honor here.

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