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Bad Blood

AEW Women’s World Championship
Britt Baker (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Since their lights-out match, Britt Baker has been ducking Thunder Rosa, but she’ll go toe-to-toe with her nemesis tonight at Revolution.

The Road to Revolution

Britt Baker’s star rose the night Thunder Rosa split open her head and spilled the champ’s blood. True, Rosa won that match, but as Britt said, she’s the one that became the star. She got the t-shirt. She got the action figure. She’s the face of the women’s division with gold around her waist. And she has kept that gold around her waist by staying as far away from Thunder Rosa as possible.

While Rosa’s championship desires never waned, she refocused temporarily on the TBS championship tournament. She was a favorite to win the whole thing but was knocked out of the bracket when a mysterious opponent attacked her. That opponent turned out to be indie darling and women’s wrestling legend Mercedes Martinez.

At first, it seemed like Martinez was working for Jade Cargill. After all, she literally helped her get the pin! But later, it was revealed that Britt Baker hired Martinez to take Thunder Rosa out of the running, hinder her, and punish her for continually interfering with the champ and her crew.

Of course, that all blew up in the champ’s face when Thunder Rosa not only defeated Martinez in their no disqualification match but fought so hard that she earned Martinez’s respect. Martinez even became a reluctant ally, continuously siding with Thunder Rosa in numerous attempted beatdowns.

Thunder Rosa’s entire focus was now back on the champion, and wouldn’t you know it’s Revolution season! So things progressed naturally, and Baker vs. Rosa was set for the upcoming PPV.

Now, Britt talks a good game and knows exactly how to get under her opponent’s skin, as evident by their explosive contract signing, but it’s clear that the champ knows that she’s up against one of the only people in the division who can dethrone her.

Thunder Rosa has always been a warrior full of heart, but she’s beyond focused. In a post-show interview with Tony Schiavone, she said, “ the only way I lose is if I’m dead.” She made Britt bleed once before, but now she’s willing to bleed, figuratively and literally, to take her rightful place as champion.

What’s at stake?

Britt Baker has been an excellent champion and has elevated the entire division. Her championship is hardly stale, but it is slipping into “who could possibly dethrone her” territory. If she retains, that question because even more relevant. And with Jade Cargill as an already unstoppable champion, it runs the risk of making the entire division stale.

If Thunder Rosa loses, well, it’ll feel like a cartoon coyote running into a brick wall. All the build-up for no pay off! She’s the logical choice to dethrone Baker, considering all their history, but the fact that she pinned the champ on the go-home show makes me feel a little cautious throwing all my eggs into her basket! Sure, it feels like her winning the belt is a natural progression of this storyline, but Britt Baker is nothing if not devious, so really, it could go either way.


Who will win?

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    Thunder Rosa
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