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Good Brothers’ The Gimmicks cartoon debut is a raunchy time

The Good Brothers and Rocky Romero have had a cartoon in the works for some time, and now The Gimmicks finally debuted. It is full of raunchy laughs with the story following the exploits of Sex Ferguson, Chad 2 Badd, Chico El Luchador, and NZO as they work to build the WWW promotion to compete against the Federation.

The concept is described as:

The Gimmicks is a workplace comedy about three washed-up wrestlers from the regional Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling League who bring in a controversial rookie in a desperate attempt to regain relevance and make it back to the main event.

The Gimmicks first season will include animated shorts that will be released every Friday. The end of each episode will have a Choose Your Own Adventure style decision to be voted on by Gimmicks owners.

This animated short series is written by “The Daves” (Dave Ihlenfeld & David Wright), is the brainchild of Toonstar (a Web3 animation studio) and voiced by former WWE stars Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, nZo Amore and Rocky Romero.

The show was created by Toonstar and produced by Sixth Wall, which is part of Mila Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions. There is an NFT element as well, but that whole scene is beyond my comprehension to describe for a wrestling post.

Episode 1, “The DIC Punch,” can be viewed for free at The Real Gimmicks website. Here’s a sample of the infamous punch.

The show opens with NZO retaining the world title of the Federation. As the champ cut his post-match promo, a sex tape with NZO and Mr. Mic’s mistress aired on the big screen. Mr. Mic charged to the ring only to tear his calves, hamstring, knees, and butt. Triple Huh was there to massive his meat stick. NZO prevailed against MIC’s goons. Meanwhile, Chad 2 Badd wrestled Chico El Luchador in the WWW (Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling) promotion. Sex Ferguson’s ex-wife plotted to lure NZO to WWW to compete with the Federation.

The debut was an amusing five minutes in duration. The comedy is very on brand for the TalkN’Shop crew. There are enough amusing wrestling references to keep fans entertained if they aren’t tickled by raunchy humor. The Vince McMahon character has a perfect voice imitation from Gallows.

For an introduction to the primary characters, here is Sex Ferguson speaking on his love of DIC (Democracy Inclusivity and Community). If the people want him to wrestle a grizzly bear in a thong bikini, then his ass cheeks will say pass the floss.

Chad 2 Badd enjoys taking a pounding.

Are you in on The Gimmicks? Did you enjoy the debut episode?

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