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Johnny Gargano joins Windham in the WrestleCon line-up

Johnny Gargano posted his contact information for booking a little while back, but made it clear it didn’t signal a return to wrestling (he and Candice LeRae are still blissfully settling into life as baby Quill’s parents).

This, his first gig since his WWE contract expired last year, definitely could have come about as a result of the former NXT Triple Crown champ telling the world what he was available for signings. It will probably inspire some hope he’s closer to getting back in the ring, too.

It also adds to an interesting line-up for WrestleCon, one of the many shows going on WrestleMania week in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The line-up of guests at the Fairmont Hotel from Mar. 31 - April 2 includes former WWE champ Windham “Bray Wyatt” Rotunda and a laundry list of past and current wrestlers.

Will a signing give Johnny Wrestling (or Windham) an itch to wrestle again? I’m sure somebody will ask them while they’re getting an autograph. Then I’m sure that person will tweet about it.

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