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Matt Cardona remains NWA Worlds champ after accidental screwjob from Jeff Jarrett

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The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship remains in the hands of Matt Cardona after a shenanigan-filled main event against Nick Aldis at the Crockett Cup show Sunday night (March 20). Jeff Jarrett was brought in as special guest referee to ensure a fair fight, but he lost control when friends and wives ran in. The result was Slapnuts making an error with an accidental screwjob in Cardona’s favor.

Jarrett offered opening words, “Boys, y’all know the damn rules. I’ve talked to you both extensively in the back. These people came here to see a classic NWA title match. I’m going to do my part. You boys do your part. Now, let’s do this.”

As Aldis’ back was turned, Cardona attacked before the official bell. Jarrett pulled Cardona away to start the match. Aldis took control with a Thesz press to land furious punches. Cardona took a breather on the outside. Upon re-entering, Aldis maintained momentum to clothesline Cardona out of the ring. The champ took time to flip the bird to commentator Tim Storm. Cardona grabbed his title belt and planned to leave. Jarrett announced that he would refuse to count out Cardona. Storm forced Cardona back into the ring.

Roll-up by Aldis, then Cardona exited the ring again. Aldis gave chase to beat Cardona all around the venue. Aldis hit a back body drop and a suplex on the stage. Cardona turned the tide by shoving Aldis into the ring post. The champ followed up with a Russian leg sweep into the guardrail and a DDT on the floor.

Back inside the ring, Cardona pummeled Aldis. The champ locked in a sleeper on the mat. Aldis found his second wind for a dramatic escape. Fisticuffs exploded with Aldis landing clotheslines and executing a Michinoku Driver. Cardona came back with a Codebreaker. He mocked Aldis and Jarrett when sizing up a figure-four. Aldis took advantage of the delay to score a roll-up. Cardona kicked out, so Aldis transitioned into a figure-four of his own in the center of the ring. Cardona eventually reached the ropes for the break.

Cardona dodged Aldis to counter for the Unprettier, which is the finisher of Chelsea Green. Aldis kicked out. Cardona picked up the title belt with bad intentions, so Jarrett stepped in the way to block use of the foreign object. Cardona swung anyway. Aldis ducked and countered for a piledriver. Aldis went high-risk to land a flying elbow drop. 1, 2, Cardona kicked out.

Aldis picked up the title belt with bad intentions. Jarrett was fair in snatching the object away from Aldis. As Jarrett’s back was turned, Cardona struck Aldus with a low blow. The champ hit his Radio Silence leg lariat finisher. 1, 2, Aldis kicked out.

Aldis sent Cardona over the ropes crashing to the floor, then all hell broke loose. Mike Knox and VSK arrived on the scene to assist Cardona. Doug Williams and Davey Boy Smith Jr. ran out to aid Aldis. Williams and Smith beat up Cardona’s goons before they had a chance to interfere. Jarrett punched VSK and tossed him out of the ring. Cardona’s wife, Chelsea Green, ran in to low blow Jarrett from behind. Aldis’ wife, Mickie James, ran in to toss out Green.

Cardona went for Radio Silence. Aldis anticipated the move and countered for a Cloverleaf submission. Cardona tapped out. New worlds champ? Not so fast.

Jarrett didn’t see who hit him in the groin. He assumed Mickie was the culprit. Jarrett overruled the submission as a disqualification for attacking the referee. Cardona was deemed the official winner to retain the championship.

Backstage, Cardona celebrated with glee.

The Crockett Cup replay is available through Fite TV and also part of the All Access package.

Are you satisfied with the finish to the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match?

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