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NWA Crockett Cup tag team tournament results: Briscoes, Davey Boy Smith Jr. advance to final four

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Tag team action!

The NWA kicked off the Crockett Cup tag team tournament on Saturday night, March 19. There were upsets, an injury, and a Blue Meanie surprise adding to the beloved madness that makes tournaments so much fun. The cream rose to the top with the NWA tag champs, the Briscoes, Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Doug Williams, and Matt Cardona’s best friends advancing to the final four.

Round 1 results in order of seeding:

  • Play-in: Bad News Boyz (Brent Tate & Brandon Tate) defeated Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku), Rip City Shooters (Joshua Bishop & Wes Barkley), and Heatseekers (Matt Sigmon & Elliott Russell). The four-way took place on the pre-show with the winner earning the 16 seed. Garrini was on top of Brent Tate with a rear naked choke when Brandon Tate crashed down with a flying splash. Brent used an Oklahoma roll to pin Garrini.
  • #1 La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666) defeated #16 Bad News Boyz. The NWA tag champs finished with a powerbomb backstabber combo for victory.
  • #2 Briscoes defeated #15 The Now (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus). Dem Boys wrestled on the pre-show for their opening round match. They took care of business with a neckbreaker from Jay Briscoe followed by a froggy bow from Mark Briscoe to win.
  • #14 The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legurtsky) defeated #3 OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett). This bout aired a few weeks ago during NWA Powerrr as a special surprise. The Fixers pulled the upset with a double powerbomb to Bennett and a double brainbuster to Taven for the pin.
  • #4 Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) defeated #13 Ill Begotten (Rush Freeman & Alex Taylor). Davey Boy Jr. cleaned up with a running powerslam then assisted Williams with a military press lift into a diving headbutt for victory.
  • #12 Gold Rushhh (Jordan Clearwater & Marshe Rockett) defeated #5 Strictly Business (Thom Latimer & Chris Adonis). Adonis trapped Rockett in the Master Lock, but BLK Jeez distracted the referee. Tyrus rammed Adonis into the ring post. Latimer was hit with a low blow and a shot from Tyrus’ TV title for Rockett to pick up the pin.
  • #11 The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK) defeated #6 Pope & Mims. Knox smashed Pope into the guardrail. Knox planted Mims with a swinging reverse STO. VSK followed for a frog splash to secure victory over Mims.
  • #10 Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG & Dirty Dango) defeated #7 Aron Stevens & Blue Meanie. JR Kratos was supposed to be Stevens’ tag partner, but he was absent due to travel issues. Blue Meanie filled in as a surprise. JTG landed a pump kick on Meanie to table top him over Dango. JTG pinned Meanie.
  • #9 Hawx Aerie (Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx) defeated #8 The End (Parrow & Odinson). PJ countered an airplane spin from Odinson for a roll-up win. Afterward, Parrow exploded with rage to powerbomb Luke. Papa Hawx was ruled out due to injury, and PJ demanded to continue solo in the tournament.

Quarterfinal results in order of seeding:

  • #1 La Rebelion defeated #9 Hawx Aerie. Luke wrestled solo without his injured father by his side. He gave a valiant effort, but the NWA tag champs were too much to handle. Luke surprisingly kicked out of La Rebelion’s powerbomb backstabber combo, so they hit him with it for a second time to secure the pin.
  • #2 Briscoes defeated #10 Dirty Sexy Boys. Briscoes turned the tide with the Redneck Boogie crucifix powerbomb into neckbreaker combo on JTG. Dango made the save, so Jay blasted him with a discus elbow. Briscoes finished JTG with a Jay Driller and froggy bow.
  • #4 Commonwealth Connection defeated #12 Gold Rushhh. Smith and Williams crushed Clearwater with a powerbomb and piledriver 1-2 punch. Rockett made the save, but Williams maintained momentum to submit Clearwater with a bridging hammerlock.
  • #11 The Cardonas defeated #14 The Fixers. Knox pretty much earned the win single-handedly. The Fixers worked hard to isolate VSK. Knox prevented a double suplex to his partner by clipping the knee of Bradley. Knox took down Legurtsky with a swinging reverse STO, and VSK finished the job with a frog splash.

The Crockett Cup final four is set for Sunday night, March 20. #1 La Rebelion will compete against #4 Commonwealth Connection and #2 Briscoes will rumble with #11 The Cardonas. Night 2 of the Crockett Cup will be available for viewing through Fite TV.

Also on the pre-show, Magic Jake Dumas defeated Captain Yuma via fireman’s carry stunner.

Who are you picking to win the Crockett Cup?

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