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Mox plans to teach Ospreay humility by making him swallow his own teeth

Looks like this dream match will go down at New Japan’s April show in Chicago.

Recently, New Japan announced their upcoming Chicago show — April 16’s Windy City Riot — would stream on FITE for $19.99, instead of on their NJPWWorld streaming service like most of their events.

Now, they’ve booked a big match that should draw a lot of attention in the U.S. market.

Will Ospreay called out Jon Moxley at a RevPro show in the United Kingdom last month. He’s continued to talk about Mox since. It was presumed that was set-up for Windy City Riot, seeing as that show was already announced as Moxley’s New Japan return.

Well, it’s all but official, as Mox has accepted with a very good, very Mox promo...

“It’s time to beat some humility into Will Ospreay. Because he’s walking around, acting, talking like a clown. There is no faster way to learn humility than to have to vomit up your own teeth after they get knocked down your throat.”


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