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Let’s talk about Edge’s new entrance music

Over the past three weeks, Edge has returned to his heel roots for his WrestleMania program with AJ Styles. Gone is WWE’s version of a cool dad, showing up in band t-shirts and reminiscing about his days as a goth kid. In his place, we’ve got a bluelit bastard with a God complex.

He unveiled the newest wrinkle of this character transformation on the Mar. 14 Raw, and for some, it’s a bridge too far... an Alter Bridge, to be exact (be here all week, try the veal).

“Metalingus” is gone, at least for now. Welcome to “The Other Side”.

It’s a banger, and this version doesn’t even include the key piece of Edge’s version (because WWE, for some reason, hasn’t released anofficial version of the entrance here that’s playable in the United States). That opens with the man himself saying, ““You think you know me? [evil laugh] You never did.”

I dig it. In fact, it’s probably the element of this gimmick tweak I’m most on board with thus far. The bluelight looked better this week, but is still not really working for me. Edge’s justification for his turn is pretty generic, and would work better if he’d dropped a PPV premium live event match to Seth Rollins or The Miz at any point in his last two feuds. And honestly, Adam Copeland’s actorly monologues have never been my thing.

But the new tune? I dig it.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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