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Becky Lynch avenges her throat, takes aim at Bianca Belair’s hair

There’s almost certainly no question which match will main event WrestleMania Saturday on April 2 at Arlington, Texas’ AT&T Stadium. And to whatever extent there’s debate amongst fans on that subject, I am 100% not an objective participant in it. The Raw Women’s title feud features two of my favorite WWE performers. The SmackDown Women’s championship one... doesn’t.

I recognize the skills of Charlotte Flair & Ronda Rousey, and I suppose the promotional merits of giving their bout top billing. But Becky Lynch & Bianca Belair just routinely entertain me a lot more, something that’s again proving to be the case in the programs leading up to their ‘Mania matches.

Rousey & Flair are getting minimal crowd reactions as they hurl generic lines at one another, and trying to recreate the highlight of the build to WrestleMania 35’s main event. Lynch & Belair have built on the story that controversially started at SummerSlam with The EST moving mountains (and lifting Doudrop) to prove she can beat The Man, while an increasingly unhinged Becks schemes to hold onto her belt.

They’ve even incorporated the (allegedy) real injury to Lynch from a house show into the story. Last night (Mar. 14), the champ returned after missing the previous week’s Raw to send Belair to the trainer’s room...

The kayfabe injury update is great, but it’s Lynch’s taunt from the end of last night’s segment that has folks intrigued/excited/uncomfortable/angry.

Big Time Becks’ “Next week, the hair, bitch!” threat is a logical step given the role Bianca’s braid’s played in the build. It also takes the “don’t touch a Black person’s hair” theme of this feud to the next level. It’s one of more overtly heel-ish things Lynch’s done since turning last year — and something she probably needed to do to get booed, even against one of WWE’s best babyfaces in The EST.

She wouldn’t actually cut off Bianca’s braid though... would she? This isn’t leading to hair vs. hair at ‘Mania or anything, is it?

If that’s the plan, this really better main event night one. Sorry, Chuck & Ronnie.

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