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CMLL Roundup: Women’s mask vs. hair tournament, TJP main event of major show, more!

A women’s tournament was the feature attraction Friday night (March 11). CMLL held a tag team competition leading toward one luchadora losing her mask or hair at Homenaje a Dos Leyendas on March 18. Teams were made up of one tecnica and one ruda for Increible de Parejas style. Winners were rewarded with safety, and losers advanced with the prospect of losing their mask or hair.

First round results:

  • Dark Silueta & LLuvia defeated Marcela & Metalica via double superplexes
  • Dalys & Skadi defeated Stephanie Vaquer & Magnifica via powerbomb and Michinoku driver
  • Amapola & La Guerrera defeated Reyna Isis & La Vaquerita via double underhook facebuster and armbar
  • La Jarochita & Tiffany defeated Princesa Sugehit & Seductora via running double knees to the spine and Bronco Buster

Second round results:

  • Stephanie Vaquer & Magnifica defeated Marcela & Metalica via crucifix submission and dragon sleeper
  • Princesa Sugehit & Seductora defeated Reyna Isis & La Vaquerita via roll-up and crucifix pin

All of the matches were straight forward double wins until the final bout of the semifinals. Reyna Isis pinned Princesa Sugehit on a Vader bomb. Seductora eliminated Isis on a roll-up. The end came down to Seductora and La Vaquerita. Seductora kicked out of a cover from a flying elbow drop to prevail with a crucifix pin.

For the future to conclude the tournament, Marcela & Metalica will compete against Reyna Isis & La Vaquerita at Homenaje a Dos Leyendas. The losing duo will then wrestle each other in mask versus hair.

Enjoy the ripsnorting highlights from the women’s tournament.

In other action from Friday night, an 8-man tag took a storyline turn. Volador Jr. led his Depredadores crew into action with eyes on a new recruit. Volador was joined by Magia Blanca, Magnus, & Rugido against Negro Casas, Templario, Dragon Rojo Jr., & Coyote.

The first fall went to the Depredadores after they ran a train of attacks on Negro Casas in the corner. The second fall saw miscommunication erupt between Casas and Templario. Casas accidentally booted Templario in the face. Templario erupted with anger to assault his captain. That left easy pickings for the Depredadores to pin Casas for the clean sweep in victory.

Afterward, Volador offered a symbolic mask to Templario as an invitation to join the Depredadores. That offer was neither accepted nor declined. Templario was more focused on a future fight with Negro Casas.

Check out the high-flying highlights.

CMLL is bringing back TJP to headline Homenaje a Dos Leyendas on March 18. His last visit involved Jeff Cobb as a NJPW duo to crush the competition. Without Cobb by his side, TJP will be teaming up with rival Volador Jr. against Mistico and Averno. Mistico and Averno also have a history of beef as rivals.

The advertised card for Homenaje a Dos Leyendas includes:

  • Mistico & Averno vs. TJP & Volador Jr.
  • CMLL World Trios Championship four-way to crown vacant champ: Ultimo Guerrero, Atlantis Jr., & Gran Guerrero vs. Hechicero, Mephisto, & Euforia vs. El Sagrado & Los Gemelos Diablo vs. Angel de Oro, El Terrible, & Niebla Roja
  • Torneo Incerible de Amazonas final mask versus hair
  • Panterita del Ring Jr., El Suicida, & Cachorro vs. Electrico, Robin, & Halcon Suriano Jr.

Live streaming of the event will be available through Ticketmaster Live.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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