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MLW SuperFight recap: Alexander Hammerstone world title fight, NZO’s gift of gab, more!

MLW SuperFight is here for your viewing pleasure. Alexander Hammerstone defended the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Davey Richards, NZO showed his gift of gab, and the Suplex Assassin went to work in a national openweight triple threat title bout.

Emilio Sparks caught up with Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout. Atout shooed the roving reporter away. Then she asked the tough questions to her main squeeze. Will Holliday interfere in the main event? Holliday has more important business with Cesar Duran.

The golden pipes of Tim Barr have returned as MLW ring announcer.

MLW National Openweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) vs. Calvin Tankman vs. ACH

The action was non-stop. Top highlight came from ACH with a dope deadlift German suplex to the much larger Kane. Down the stretch, ACH locked in a Texas Cloverleaf submission to Tankman. Kane popped up for a superkick to ACH. The champ pounced for a leg-trap suplex on ACH to retain his title.

EJ Nduka has his eye on MLW gold. The question is which belt he will take.

The Von Erichs were ambushed by 5150. Danny Rivera cracked chairs on Marshall’s ankle. Later, it was announced that the tag title match was postponed indefinitely.

Gangrel is coming soon to MLW.

5150 explained their attack on the Von Erichs. They are tired of wrestlers thinking they deserve something. 5150 wants the best tag teams that actually matter, not those Von Erich scrubs. Until MLW gives 5150 top competition, they will continue to cause a ruckus. Slice Boogie suggested they go after the biggest man in MLW.

TJP plans on taking the MLW World Middleweight Championship from Myron Reed. He will set an example as the greatest technical wrestler alive. In the meantime, TJP wants a hot free agent to step through the open door for a match in MLW.

Grudge Match: NZO vs. KC Navarro

Navarro entered first, and NZO attacked him on stage. NZO continued the assault with a running Razor’s Edge into the ring post. NZO handed a mic to the referee with orders to ask if Navarro still wanted the match. Navarro did not back down despite being in tremendous pain. Ding, ding ding. NZO dominated with a hanging reverse DDT from the apron to the floor.

Navarro refused to be lay down. Eventually, NZO finished with the inverted stomp facebreaker to win. Navarro had zero offense in defeat.

Afterward, NZO cut a tremendous promo with teaching tips for Navarro. The world is ugly. Lesson 101 in pro wrestling is don’t trust anybody. Everyone is born with a gift, and we just have to recognize it. NZO has the gift of gab and the gift of jab. We can’t have success without failure. NZO showed that Navarro has heart, and you can’t teach that. NZO offered a handshake. Navarro limped over, then NZO clocked him with a clothesline and Dunzo.

5150 attacked EJ Nduka.

Holliday and Atout moseyed down ringside. The money man paid off a fan to take front row seats.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Davey Richards

Richards scored an ankle lock early, but Hammerstone was too fresh and muscled out. Hammer decided to make it a brawl around the ring. He took his eyes off his opponent to focus on Holliday. That was a key mistake. Hammerstone charged with a bicycle kick, but he got hung up on the guardrail when Richards moved. Richards recognized the situation and took advantage by attacking the knee and ankle for the rest of the bout.

After surviving a figure-four, Hammerman sandbagged a brainbuster to block the lift. Richards kicked away with fury, however, that fired up the Master of Muscle Mountain. The two engaged in fisticuffs in the center of the ring. Richards ran the ropes right into a swinging uranage from Hammerstone.

Hammer clubbed Richards with lariats in the corner. When he charged to smash, Richards dodged and went back to the leg for a dragon screw in the ropes. Richards went high-risk for a flying double stomp. Hammerstone moved and erupted for an exploder suplex into the corner. The gladiators dueled on the apron, and Richards hit another dragon screw in the ropes. Richard executed a flying stomp onto the leg, then he connected on a proper flying stomp in the middle of the ring. Hammerstone kicked out on the cover, so Richards transitioned to an ankle lock. Hammer muscled out for a counter into the Nightmare Pendulum. Richards wisely rolled out of the ring to prevent a pinfall.

Back in the ring, Richards surprised Hammerstone with an inside cradle. Hammer escaped. Richards unloaded a barrage of punches using Hammerstone like a heavy bag. Hammer cracked back with a thunderous clothesline. He lifted Richards for a Torture Rack TKO, but Richards kicked out on the cover.

Hammerstone continued with urgency for a second Nightmare Pendulum to retain MLW’s biggest prize.

After the match, Holliday mocked Hammerstone’s success. The former Dynasty bros locked eyes. Atout sprayed liquid into the champ’s face. Holliday pounced for a vicious beatdown to leave Hammer bleeding. Holliday shared a kiss with his seductress.

The SuperFight main event was rock solid. Alexander Hammerstone and Davey Richards told an engaging story of power versus technique. I like how Richards focused on attacking the leg. Hammer hurt his limb early, and Richards didn’t miss a beat to capitalize. He maintained focus damaging the stilt holding up Muscle Mountain. Hammerstone overcame in the end, because, well, the man is a muscle god. Long live your boy Hammer as world champ.

The aftermath built up anticipation to see Hammerstone wring Richard Holliday’s neck. I shed a tear seeing Holliday’s beautiful white suit sullied with blood. With Alicia Atout getting involved so much lately, I wonder if Hammer needs a gal pal manager by his side to watch his back. It wouldn’t be a good look to see him crush Atout with the Nightmare Pendulum, but somebody has to keep an eye on her for the inevitable Dynastic title fight.

The national title match had rowdy exchanges of action. Alex Kane, Calvin Tankman, and ACH did a great job using each other to set up attacks. It kept the excitement factor high keeping me guessing what would come next. Kane is proving to be a worthy champion. His suplex game is on point. Tankman is thriving as a man chasing revenge and the championship. ACH took no crap from either man. The match played out in a way that left me wanting to see every combination of singles matches between these three.

The NZO segment wasn’t much of a match, but he more than made up for that with the post promo that is worth checking out if you haven’t watched yet. It was an interesting motivational speech making it tough to read NZO’s motivations toward Navarro. It seemed like NZO was trying to mentor Navarro to grow in the business, but then he beat him down again. It might not have been out of malice though and instead a quick refresher about the lesson to not trust anyone. If Navarro goes to NZO’s school of hard knocks, he’ll learn quick or die trying. I’m very curious to see that journey play out. It has all the elements to build Navarro into a star.

Share you thoughts on MLW SuperFight. Who stole the show?

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