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NWA women’s champion racking up strong wins against Kiera Hogan, Taryn Terrell

When it comes to women’s wrestling, there is a lot of talk about the competitors in WWE, AEW, and Impact. Don’t sleep on the NWA. Their women’s champion is building up a quality résumé of success. Kamille recently racked up impressive wins against Kiera Hogan and Taryn Terrell.

Kamille won the NWA Women’s World Championship from Serena Deeb on June 6, 2021. The champ has defended against Kenzie Paige, Leyla Hirsch, Chelsea Green, and Melina. She also holds a victory over Thunder Rosa that originally earned the title shot. NWA continues to set up challengers, and Kamille continues to knock them down.

Two weeks ago on NWA Powerrr, Kiera Hogan challenged the Brickhouse. Kiera was fiery with quickness, but she was no match for Kamille. The champ toyed with her opponent slowing the pace and using her power to wear down Kiera’s energy reserves. In the end, Kamille caught a running crossbody to counter for a bear hug. After squeezing the breath out of Kiera, Kamille transitioned into a fisherman suplex for the 1, 2, 3. Hogan is no pushover, and yet that was a pretty quick contest. Kamille received the stamp of approval from WWE Hall of Famer Madusa on commentary. The match starts at the 29:25 mark of the broadcast.

On the latest episode of NWA Powerrr, Kamille also dominated Taryn Terrell. The champ’s early offense included a fisherman suplex and gutwrench suplex. Terrell scored a jawbreaker, but her momentum was quashed when Kamille caught a flying crossbody to counter for a fallaway slam. Terrell resorted to chicanery by spitting water in Kamille’s face. The challenger went for a pair of quick roll-ups. When that failed, Terrell turned on the intensity for a jumping neckbreaker and a Camel Clutch. Kamille muscled out of the submission. The champ slung Terrell down to the mat on a snapmare over her shoulder. Terrell’s last gasp was a cutter attempt, but Kamille shed her off. Kamille pounced for a spear to retain the title. The match starts at the 39:36 mark of the broadcast.

Kamille’s title reign currently stands at 266 days and counting. If you haven’t taken note already, Kamille should be on your radar.

Are you impressed with Kamille’s work?

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