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AEW Dynamite Preview (Feb 22, 2022): Seven Teams Too Many

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Last week, CM Punk whipped out the leather and challenged MJF for a dog collar match at Revolution. Jon Moxley gave Bryan Danielson a counterproposal. Wardlow secured his slot in the Face of the Revolution ladder match (no thanks to Shawn Spears). Adam Cole interrupted Adam Page to formerly challenge him to the battle of the Adams an AEW Championship match. ReDRagon tangled with The Dark Order. Santana & Ortiz put the final nail in the Inner Circle coffin when they defeated Jericho & Hager. Thunder Rosa defeated Mercedes Martinez in a brutal no DQ match, much to the dismay of the AEW women’s champion. And finally, Sammy Guevara retained the TNT championship when Andrade El Idolo interfered with Darby Allin’s coffin drop.

This Week’s Headliner:

I’ll take convoluted matches setting up another convoluted match for 1,000 Alex.

Tonight one of the Tag Team Champions’ challengers at Revolution will be decided in a Tag Battle Royal. Think of an AEW tag team, and they are probably in this match. We got:

Dark Order

Santana & Ortiz

Team 2.0


The Young Bucks

Private Party

The Gunn Club


The Butcher & The Blade

Best Friends

That’s TEN teams. That’s like seven too many teams! Basically, this match is going to be bananas chaos.

It’s hard to guess which team is going over here. Santana & Ortiz definitely deserve a title shot after their messy break-up with The Inner Circle, and The Gunn Club has a lot of beef with Jurassic Express still, so one of those two teams would make sense. It’s also the first time we’re seeing Adam Cole’s pals face off with each other. The Young Bucks & ReDRagon have a tentative friendship. What happens when they get put in a ring together? Not to mention the fact that The Dark Order has it out for ReDRagon since they keep messing with their favorite Cowboy. FTR is always a threat, and Private Party has a lot to prove to the AHFO. The Best Friends and Team 2.0 are always slept on but always surprise their opponents with their skill. Of course, all this is pointless because, as my colleague Kyle would point out, they are all nothing compared to the majesty of The Blade. With so many teams and so many possibilities, it’s hard to predict who is going to win.

But, honestly, it sort of doesn’t matter at this point who wins. What matters is if they’ll be able to have this match without it looking like a slop fest. TOO MANY BODIES IN THAT TINY RING.

The Title Scene:

The World Champion has a new challenger, and his name is, well, his name is almost the same. Last week, Adam Cole orchestrated a ReDRagon attack on the Champ, but the Cowboy’s besties, The Dark Order, thwarted his efforts. On Rampage, Cole went one-on-one with 10 and seemingly was only able to beat him after a sneaky low blow and some ReDRagon shaped shenanigans. Sure, Adam Page could be thinking, “looks like he’ll have to cheat to beat me.” but the long and the short of it is Adam Cole doesn’t care if he has to cheat to win as long as he wins. The Champ is going to need his head on a swivel and constant backup if he has any chance of retaining his belt.

The World Women’s Champion is in a bit of a pickle. The merc she hired failed to defeat Thunder Rosa, AND in a twist of fate (not that kind), Mercedes had a tiny face turn at the end of the match when she went to shake Thunder Rosa’s hand out of respect. So now Britt has to deal with the very real threat of Thunder Rosa and send her stablemate Jamie Hayter to deal with Mercedes. It’s a mess of her own making, but it’s a fun mess for us to watch.

When the TBS Champion Jade Cargill calls herself That Bitch she means it. She wants competition. She relishes it! A lot of her wins, while impressive, have been against the lower card of the AEW women’s division. But tonight, she takes on one of the baddest and bloodiest when she steps in the ring with The Bunny. Of course, with The Bunny always comes with a posse, so Jade better be prepared to defend her championship reign from multiple attacks. Will she be 28-0 tonight? Or will The Bunny give the AHFO a win they desperately need?

Sammy Guevara retained his TNT Championship last Wednesday against his long-time rival Darby Allin. He did that with some unwanted help from Andrade El Idolo, however. But Andrade didn’t do it for Sammy, oh no. He did it because HE wants to be the one to take the sigh belts off Sammy. Maybe they can each have one?

Other things to keep an eye on:

-The House of Black is all about cryptic messages. They are also all about recruitment. The rumor has it that they will reveal a new member tonight when they take on Penta El Zero & PAC. The internet believes it to be former WWE superstar and criminally underused talent Buddy Matthews. Who, frankly, would look excellent in eyeliner and leather.

-Chris Jericho blames Eddie Kingston for the implosion of the Inner Circle. Tonight they have a face-to-face conversation about it. Honestly, this conversation should be Jericho and a mirror, but at least we get that coveted Eddie Kingston screen time!

-Jon Moxley gave Bryan Danielson a counterproposal last week. He said he’d join his team, but only after they had a match together. “So which is it? I’m not saying yes. I’m not saying no. I’ll leave it up to you, Bryan. I don’t stand side by side with nobody till I bleed with them first.” Who knows what Danielson’s answer will be, but one thing is clear. We’re getting a Moxley vs. Danielson match either way!

-CM Punk is making MJF wrestle in a dog collar and last week, MJF had a temper tantrum about it. Tonight, expect a 15 min symposium on how MJF is superior to CM Punk and Roddy Piper while wearing a leather accessory of destruction. He seems like the type to have experience wearing a collar.

-Serena Deeb murdering someone teaching someone a lesson.

Tune into AEW on TBS at 8pm ET for the final time to see how all this plays out.

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