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John Morrison debuts new name in AAA Mega Championship match at Rey de Reyes

John Morrison is a man of many names. Throughout his career, he has been Johnny Nitro, the aforementioned John Morrison, Johnny Mundo, and Johnny Impact just to name a few. When Morrison was announced to challenge Hijo del Vikingo for the AAA Megacampeonato at AAA Rey de Reyes on February 19, the poster used his real surname of Hennigan. Once the time finally came, Morrison had a new moniker for the title bout.

Introducing John Superstar.

Lucha Libre AAA

The name doesn’t lie. The man is chingonsisimo.

Aside from the Superstar label, Johnny had the opportunity to win the AAA Mega Championship for the second time. He previously held the title in 2017 for 313 days.

Johnny muscled Vikingo around early. The champ used quickness to create space and kick Johnny out of the ring. The challenger was frustrated, so he superkicked an innocent Lady Shani ringside just to be cruel.

Johnny found his groove for a flipping Samoan drop. Vikingo came back with a twisting plancha to the outside, a powerslam on the floor, and a shooting star press off the apron. Johnny retaliated for a spinning crucifix uranage.

When that move didn’t put Vikingo away, Johnny lost his cool and grabbed a spotlight to use with bad intent. Laredo Kid ran in to prevent the malpractice, but he ate a superkick for his good deed. Vikingo dropkicked Johnny before he could use the foreign object. The champ followed with a 630 senton leaping off the ropes in rainy and windy conditions outdoor.

Johnny kicked out. As the referee focused on removing Laredo from the ring, Johnny struck with a low blow to Vikingo. The champ survived to keep fighting. The finishing sequence saw corner tussling result in Johnny flipping from the turnbuckles to land smashing his crotch on the top rope. Vikingo ran the rope for a poison rana. The champ closed out with an inverted 450 splash to retain.

Johnny lost the match, but he is still a Superstar.

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