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Of course AEW, Impact & indie stars are already calling out Shane McMahon

Just off the reports there was heat on him after his Royal Rumble return, the “Shane McMahon is All Elite” memes were flying around the interwebs. Once those were confirmed and followed by the news Shane O’Mac was out of WWE’s plans for at least the new few months? Fuhgedaboudit. They’re everywhere...

And let’s not forget this classic, either:

But it’s not just fans. Shane’s name has been trending all day, and where there’s a spotlight, you’ll find wrestlers.

A man who’s used his own WWE backstory to tremendous effect in indies like GCW was one of the first to call out McMahon. The former Zack Ryder wants a hardcore showdown with The Money...

While hanging around with MJF isn’t enough for Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler. FTR want a reunion with the other rich, entitled guy they used to hang around with...

Joey Janela’s just keeping his options open. Does the Bad Boy want a match with Shane? Or for him to bankroll his next Spring Break card? We’ll see if McMahon slides into Joey’s DMs...

These are all fun, but realistically there’s almost no chance in hell (see what I did there?) Shane is going to work for another pro wrestling/sports entertainment company. He’ll wait this out and come back when the heat dies down & his dad thinks he can help pop a number. Or he’ll just enjoy his cut of the family fortune while pursuing whatever tech venture catches his eye — he’s currently Executive Chairman of Ideanomics, a company that makes electric & hybrid commercial vehicles.

But we’re not going to see a real-life version of the WCW/ECW Invasion story play out or anything... right?

Fingers crossed for that Matt Cardona deathmatch, though.

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