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Lots of looks at WWE 2K22 gameplay

Over Royal Rumble weekend, 2K dropped a trailer for their new WWE game. It was a nice sampler for their first offering since 2019, but didn’t give us too much to go on.

They’ve followed up with much more, though. Today (Feb. 2), we got this “Ringside Report“ video with lots of gameplay footage, which is shown as the development team guides us through a breakdown of changes coming to the game:

Creative Director Lynell Jinks, Art Producer Christina Diem Pham, Principal Designer Jason Vandiver, Senior Producer Jonathan Rivera, and Senior Designer Derek Donahue provide commentary as a full WWE 2K22 match plays out, pitting cover Superstar Rey Mysterio against emerging phenom Damian Priest in more than nine minutes of gameplay.

Throughout the match, the Visual Concepts team highlights:

- New dynamic animations, only possible through the redesigned gameplay engine, on display from both Superstars in the ring. The Superstars feel more responsive and easier to control, and each move connects smoother and more precisely.

- An overhauled lighting engine that showcases the extreme details of the Superstars, making them look hyper realistic.

- Tweaked object physics allow for unexpected moments throughout the match. Kendo sticks fray with each hit, and tables and corner barricades break dynamically to create a more authentic match experience.

- Strategic defensive commands which include blocking, dodging, and breakers.

As the fact its called Ringside Report #1 probably clued you in to, this is scheduled to be the first of several videos designed to offer “deep dives into the game’s features, mechanics, and more.” Sounds like a good way to build up to WWE 2K22’s Mar. 11 release date.

Let us know what you think of this footage, and if it’s convincing you to give the newest WWE/2K collaboration a shot, in the comments below.

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