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AEW Dynamite Preview (Feb 2, 2022): It’s clobberin time!

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago. Last week, Sammy Guevara was named the undisputed TNT Champion after defeating “free agent” Cody Rhodes in a brutal ladder match. Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks were the only members on the roster to visit an actual beach during Beach Break. MJF stooge Wardlow defeated Elijah Dean and James Alexander in a two-on-one-handicap match. The Inner Circle technically defeated Team 2.0, but Jericho walked away from the victory celebration in a huff. Hangman Adam Page accepted a championship Texas Deathmatch from the Murderhawk Monster. CM Punk goaded MJF into taking a match with Chicago! Legit Leyla Hirsh pinned Red Velvet while grabbing her tights and gave her a little post-match beatdown to add injury to insult. Kris Statlander came to Velvet’s rescue, further setting up the feud between Hirsh and AEWs favorite (only) alien. And finally, Britt Baker showed off all her accolades while her paramour got absolutely destroyed in a Lights Out match.

This Week’s Headliner:

MJF has been ducking CM Punk for weeks. It all started when CM Punk interrupted one of MJF’s “classic” promos about how good he is. Punk disagreed, and, well, if there is one thing that MJF hates more than anything, it’s being unable to hear the sound of his own voice. Thus began a weekly tête-à-tête where the duo tried to out promo each other. Some of these segments were entertaining - MJF and Punk are incredible on the mic. Some of these segments were way too long - incredible does not mean infallible. But all of these segments have been leading to tonight’s match.

MJF used all the tools in his arsenal to try and stop Punk. And by tools, I mean people he has hired to be his friend. Punk defeated Wardlow (due to MJF’s stupidity), Punk defeated Shawn Spears (hilariously quick), and Punk has survived multiple Pinnacle beatdowns. MJF clearly did not account for Punk being as resilient as he has proven himself to be. Punk said it himself, “These people don’t love me because I win or hate me because I lose. They love me because I get back up, and I try.”

In one last attempt at a mind game, MJF closed out the latest Pinnacle beatdown with a promise. “It’s so apropos that your journey will end in the same place it began. I’ll see you in Chicago!”

Tonight MJF takes on Punk one-on-one on Punk’s home turf! Will MJF hand CM Punk his first singles loss in AEW? Or will Punk’s hometown pride be enough to silence MJF for good?

Eh, it’ll probably end in a messy DQ. MJF doesn’t know how not to cheat. Plus, we still got a god willing, incoming Wardlow face turn! This feud doesn’t feel like it’s ending anytime soon.

The Title Scene:

Sammy Guevara is the TNT Champion, no ifs and or interims about it. He defeated Cody Rhodes to reclaim the title and did a little post-match celebrating with his friend Fuego Del Sol. One hundred episodes of work are no joke! Perhaps tonight, we learn what’s next for the two-time TNT champ and maybe his thoughts on The Inner Circle’s impending demise. Hard to be a child divorce, but at least he has a shiny new distraction!

The World Champion has agreed to face off with the Murderhawk Monster next week in a Texas Deathmatch. Now the cowboy is a fighting champion, and a Texas Deathmatch does sound like some supreme cowboy shit, but it also sounds terrifying. Lance Archer is so tall! But if anyone can survive, it’s Adam Page! He said he’s willing to crawl through nine layers of hell (we love a well-read champion) to defeat Archer, and I believe him! So tonight, expect a couple of promos or maybe a video package to hype up this match.

TBS Champion Jade Cargill and The World Women’s Champion Britt Baker showed off their gold last night at the Bulls game! Neither champion has a challenger lined up, and both of them seem to be doing just fine, flaunting their gold and living the high life.

Jade Cargill defeated Julia Hart on Rampage in a fantastic match, making her record in AEW an impressive 26-0. Britt Baker flaunted all her accolades last week in Cleveland, touting herself as the only Baker that wins. “And I’m not just going to settle for female wrestler of the year. I won’t settle until I’m female wrestler of the decade. And you might as well give it to me now because I’m not going anywhere. I will be the champion you deserve.” She feels secure in the championship, and why wouldn’t she? She has no challenger, and most of the roster is entangled with other feuds.

Maybe it’ll be whoever wins in the Ruby Soho vs. Nyla Rose match tonight. Ruby and Nyla have a score to settle with each other after their TBS Title Tournament bout, but they both have a history with Baker, too! It could be the next logical step for the winner. Still, something tells me Baker isn’t dropping the title anytime soon, and neither Ruby nor Nyla can really handle another championship loss. Who do you think is Britt’s next challenger?

Jurassic Express defeated Private Party on last week’s episode of Rampage, but the Tag Team Champions didn’t get to celebrate their hard-earned win because The Gunn Club (née The Ass Boys) attacked after the match. It seems their parking lot beatdown of Christian was just step one in a multi-step plan to take the championships. Tonight, expect a response from Jurassic Express.

Other things to keep an eye on:

-There are two things that are constant in the world. Taxes and Death Triangle. No matter how many times it seems like the trio will fall apart or fade away, they always come back together and help each other out! Tonight PAC teams up with his Death Triangle bestie, Penta El Zero M, to take on AEW’s newest and spookiest faction, the Kings of the Black Throne’s Malakai Black & Brody King. Black blinded PAC, and now it’s PAC’s turn for vengeance! This one feels like the beginning of a longer feud full of animosity and black goo. Here for it.

-This is not a drill! This not a drill! This match is actually happening! Tonight the one and only Jon Moxley will take on cruiserweight legend and newly released WWE superstar, Brian Kendrick! It’s Kendrick’s first match in AEW, and boy is it a big one! Honestly, I can’t even form coherent thoughts right now. I am so excited!! ...wonder what Bryan Danielson thinks about this match?

-Danhausen made his Dynamite debut during the Lights Out match between Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy. He didn’t do much (except explode Twitter), but it was enough to make him All Elite. Will we get a cameo from the Very Nice, Very Evil wrestler tonight? I expect so, especially since he has a movie to promote.

-Speaking of Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy. Cassidy defeated Cole last week, but it was a lights out match, so it technically didn’t count. Something tells me that Adam Cole won’t let us all forget that little fact.

Tune into AEW on TBS at 8pm ET for the final time to see how all this plays out.

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