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Teenage Nightmare

Raw Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Lita

To hold on to her championship Becky Lynch must destroy the dreams of her teenage idol!

The road to Elimination Chamber

When Ronda Rousey won the Royal Rumble, we all assumed she would choose Becky as her WrestleMania opponent. After all, the two have unfinished business, and Becky gets under Ronnie’s skin like no other. However, in a shocking twist, Ronda chose the SmackDown women’s champion, Charlotte Flair. This left Becky Lynch opponent less...for like 24 hours.

On the Raw after the Rumble, Lita goaded the goat into accepting a championship match at The Elimination Chamber.

Becky said yes, but the following week on Raw, it was clear that she regretted her words. It’s not that Becky was scared of Lita - no way -, but she was heartbroken that the person that she looked up to the most, her teenage idol, the woman who encouraged her to keep following her dreams when she was at her lowest, would now try and take away the most important thing in her life! (Sorry Roux)

Not only was Becky heartbroken for herself, but she was embarrassed for Lita. After all, The Goat isn’t about to lose to a part-timer.

Despite her passionately pleading her case, Lita kicked the champ in the gut and delivered a twist of fate. Vintage Lita!

On the Raw go-home show, Becky petulantly tried to dissuade Lita one last time to call off the match, but Lita - with the very vocal backing of the WWE Universe - said no way! She has one more championship run in her, and she’s going to prove it in Saudi Arabia in a giant t-shirt!

What’s a stake?

Truthfully? The stakes feel pretty low here. If Becky Lynch wins, she gets to brag about beating her childhood icon and then can focus on the Elimination Chamber match winner. If Lita wins, she gets to have one more championship reign in WWE. Which does sound awesome but would likely be short-lived and potentially a waste of valuable TV time. The truth is that WWE writers historically don’t put as much value on the nostalgia in women’s division as they do the men. So the likelihood of Lita getting a late-career Edge style run is small. Basically, Lita is a really really cool placeholder until Becky Lynch’s mania opponent is chosen.


Who will win?

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Tune into Elimination Chamber in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia starting at 12 PM ET. It can be watched on Peacock in the United States and WWE Network everywhere else. And keep it here to for all your Elimination Chamber coverage.

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