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It really isn’t that hard

Pro wrestling is a simple art form, and Moss vs. McIntyre is a solid feud that colors firmly in the lines. Let’s break it down together, folks.

Cards on the table, folks, I’ve never much liked Riddick Moss.

Going back to the days of his tag team with Tino Sabbatelli (which I dubbed the “Bad Footballmen” to amuse myself) in NXT, I saw him as unpolished at best, and downright reckless at worst. And even worse, Tino improved over time and became quite a solid wrestler, while Riddick seemed stuck in gear, and when Sabbatelli turned on him after losing in the first round of the 2018 Dusty Classic, I figured that was the last I’d be seeing Mr. Moss.

But he eventually made it to the main roster as Mojo Rawley’s lackey in the 24/7 Championship scene, not the most prominent position on the card but it got him TV time and even a reign with that title, and clearly it put him in a position with management where they’re happy to put him in the show.

And that leads us to Happy Corbin.

Baron Corbin, excellent middle manager heel scumbag that he is, can always use a good lackey, and after his recent good fortune, he unlocked a humorous streak inside of Riddick and rechristened him Madcap Moss, and I’ll be honest again— the bad jokes have done nothing to endear Moss to me, but this is still a solid little slice of pro wrestling, folks.

At its heart, pro wrestling is simple and predictable.

Heel is an asshole, babyface overcomes, crowd cheers, rinse and repeat.

It really, truly, does not have to be more complicated than that to be great. You can put twists and turns in the story, give the heel a little reign of terror to really build the pressure for when the babyface finally wins, add betrayals, swerves, and escalations, add in elements of real life to really crank the intensity up, but the beating heart of pro wrestling?

Bad guy is mean, good guy beats him up and teaches him a lesson.

So, as much as I’ve never liked Moss, as much as I’ve run hot and cold on Corbin (I truly do think he’s a great midcard heel gatekeeper, but that main event run they put us through... /collar tug), as much as I think indie Drew “PROFESSIONAL. WRESTLING.” Galloway had a special spark that Drew McIntyre lost when he re-signed with WWE...

This feud is actually kind of great pro wrestling.

Corbin and Moss injured Drew, took his WrestleMania payday and put it in serious jeopardy with a neck injury so bad that it seemed like he wouldn’t even make the Royal Rumble, McIntyre worked hard and rehabbed it and managed to come back just in time for the Rumble, and now he’s coming after the dorks that hurt him.

There’ll be a poll here in this preview as usual, but there really is no doubt over the outcome here. Drew will crush Moss on his way to crushing Corbin, probably at WrestleMania (not the most exciting Mania match but a payday is a payday), and that’s exactly as it should be.

Now, Drew waving a sword that he’s never going to use around? That’s pretty silly, but the rest of this feud is simple classic pro wrestling, baby.

Will Drew McIntyre take Madcap’s head off with the Claymore or will Moss keep laughing all the way home from Elimination Chamber?


Who will win?

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  • 88%
    Drew McIntyre
    (232 votes)
  • 11%
    Madcap Moss
    (30 votes)
262 votes total Vote Now

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