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AEW Dynamite Preview (Feb 16, 2022): An Old Feud Renewed

All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. Last week, CM Punk interrupted MJF’s shockingly low-budget celebration and walked away with a challenge to find a partner to take on FTR. Andrade El Idolo confronted Sting and his son Darby Allin backstage to share his TNT Championship aspirations. Wardlow wrestled the Blade, totally had it handled (sorry Kyle), but Shawn Spears jumped in after the pin and stole his thunder. The Inner Circle fell apart before our very eyes! Well, not Sammy’s eyes. He, presumably, went backstage to blast emo music and feel his feelings while his friends set a date to settle it in the ring. Switchblade Jay White walked through the Forbidden Door and threw Trent into a truck. Keith Lee made his AEW debut by yeeting Isiah Kassidy into space and qualifying for the Face Of The Revolution match. CM Punk chose his old pal Jon Moxley to help him defeat FTR (we love a decade-long storyline), earning him a future dance with MJF. Jade Cargill kept her perfect record intact when she pinned AEW newcomer AQA. Professor Serena Deeb taught Katie Arquette a harsh lesson. And finally, Adam Page was confronted by Adam Cole after he retained his AEW World Championship in a bloody Texas Deathmatch. The battle of The Adams has begun.

This Week’s Headliner:

Tonight AEW revisits a classic when Sammy Guevara defends his TNT title(s?) against Darby Allin. The two have a history, but in the before times Sammy Guevara was clearly a heel. The young champion has gone through a lot in his time in AEW and is now solidly a face champion. This new feud is one built more on shared respect than on hate. Of course, that doesn’t mean Guevara will take it easy on Allin. It’s going to be a great match...until the AHFO gets involved. My guess is that Andrade causes Allin to lose so he can be the next in line for the TNT championship.

Of course, Sammy could always lose to Allin because he’s too focused on the drama unfolding between his Inner Circle family members. Tonight Chris Jericho & Jake Hager take on a rightfully disgruntled Santana & Ortiz for the soul of the Inner Circle. If the wrestling gods are kind, they will let Santana & Ortiz absolutely decimate Jericho & Hager. It’s their time to shine and defeating the tall one and the legend would jump-start their stagnating tag career.

The Title Scene:

Hangman Adam Page retained The World Championship when he took on and took out The Murderhawk Monster in a BLOODY Texas Deathmatch. Each of Hangman’s defenses has had its own huge challenges, but this one really took him to his physical limits. But you know what they say, no rest for a Cowboy! Before the blood dried, the new, focused Adam Cole, made his way to the ring to “congratulate” the champ and make his championship aspirations known. Tonight expect a promo from the champ talking about his win and sharing his thoughts on the looming Adam Cole threat. Wonder how the Young Bucks feel about this feud??

Tonight The World Women’s Champion’s merc Mercedes Martinez battles with her intended target Thunder Rosa in a no disqualification match. Simply put, this match is going to RULE. When they wrestled two weeks ago, Mercedes took a pipe to Thunder Rosa and got DQ’d, but tonight anything goes! This is great news for Mercedes - she can really let her violent streak out - but she better watch her back because Thunder Rosa is no wilting flower. She may be the good guy here, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid of a little casual brutality (see Britt’s bloody face). My guess is that somehow Jamie Hayter gets involved and causes Mercedes to lose. Hayter clearly doesn’t appreciate being replaced as Britt’s bruiser, and she’s not one to keep her displeasure to herself. Which leaves Thunder Rosa with a win and a reason to face the champ. We’re on our way to Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker 2.0 and it’s FANTASTIC.

Jurassic Express defeated The Ass Boys née The Gunn Club for the Tag Team Championships on Rampage. They may have won, but the feud between the teams and their respective mentors hardly seems over. Perhaps some more snow-based revenge is called for?

Jade Cargill the undefeated TBS Champion will continue to be that bitch.

Other things to keep an eye on:

-CM Punk and his pal Jon Moxley defeated FTR on last week’s show, which means that not only does CM Punk get his rematch against MJF, but tonight he sets the stipulation. Scarf on a pole match anyone?

-Speaking of MJF’s notable accessories, Wardlow will take on The Acclaimed’s Max Caster for a spot in the Face of the Revolution ladder match. Wardlow is gonna win and Shawn Spears is going to take credit for it.

-Last week, Bryan Danielson was asked in a backstage interview what he thought of Moxley teaming with CM Punk. “I know what people want. They want me to be bothered that Moxley teamed with CM Punk. No, my offer and CM Punk’s offer are two different things. I want to build something long term with Moxley. CM Punk just wants a one-night stand.” A mature(ish) answer. Unfortunately for Lee Moriarty he decided to interrupt Danielson’s impassioned speech with his pal Matt Sydal. So tonight Moriarty will pay the price in the ring. Will Moxley come out to congratulate Danielson on his win and accept his offer? Or will he continue to be evasive and play hard to get?

-Let Keith Lee speak!! Let him yeet more twinks! Let him take his shirt off! Let him do whatever he wants! they talk about the elephant in the ring or do they all pretend Cody Rhodes doesn’t exist?

Tune into AEW on TBS at 8pm ET for the final time to see how all this plays out.

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