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Brock Lesnar’s appearance on The Pat McAfee Show was WILDLY entertaining

While not all of us love his booking in the double-U double-U E, here at Cageside Seats dot com we are pretty big fans of plaid flannel shirt & jeans-wearing babyface Brock Lesnar.

Now that we’ve watched him hang out with Pat Mac and company for an hour on the set of The Pat McAfee Show? We really love this crazy viking mothertrucker.

It’s hard to pick specific moments from the interview (if we can call it that... Pat & crew do ask questions, and Brock answers them all. But as my guy Geno put it, it’s more “just a room full of guys shooting the shit having fun.” With occasional plugs for the meat seasoning Lesnar is selling through his boys the Bearded Butchers). It really is worth watching Brock’s entire visit to Pat’s Indianapolis studio, which he visited ahead of tonight’s Raw in Naptown.

This is one of the first thing that happens...

There’s a free-wheeling discussion about Lesnar’s life and career across pro wrestling sports entertainment and mixed martial arts. Most of the topics and stories they hit have been covered elsewhere, but not in a setting where Brock is so clearly comfortable. He and McAfee hit it off after meeting backstage at SummerSlam last year, and it shows.

We learn that the high pony hairstyle the former UFC Heavyweight champ is rocking these days is the result of a dare from his daughters. His viral video with Jackass’ Wee Man was a shoot, and makes for a hilarious story...

Contrary to the narrative on Brock over the years, he said he loves to perform and his motivation every time he goes out is to put on a good, entertaining show for fans. That’s pretty much where he leaves it though, and that narrative exists because of answers like the one he gave when Pat asked who he respects or admires in the wrestling business:

“I don’t really care, or give a shit, if I’m honest. I’m serious, I don’t. Like, I don’t give a fuck if I’m in the Hall of Fame or not. I’ve done what I did. I don’t care. I don’t care if I’m leaving a legacy behind. What I do care about is, you know — I’m a good person, good dad, all that stuff. That’s important to me. Mount Rushmore... there’s lots of guys. This is a business about making money, okay?”

He also ruffled a few feathers with his comments on what the younger generation coming up behind him needs to do to succeed the way he has:

“I look at these young kids and — I don’t know. Someone needs to step up. Get over. Figure out how to put asses in seats and not worry about your next high spot. Figure out, ‘How the hell can I be different. How the hell can I make money?’ That’s the business. The young generation thinks that if they go out and do a certain move and they do it over and over — that’s not the business. There is a good guy and bad guy like Holyfield and Tyson, mega heavyweight, pitting people against each other. Storylines.”

As business advice goes, I think it misses the mark a bit in terms of what the audience expects — and makes it seem like high spots and traditional storytelling are antithetical, when it is possible to do both things in one program. It’s also not as easy as just “stepping up”, at least not in Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment, where only a few talents get the kind of creative input Brock does. But it’s better than what we’ve heard from some other veterans over the years.

He’s not selling himself as a deep thinker. Even when Pat puts over his business acumen — an assessment I and many others would agree with — Brock demurs. A theme running through the chat is about how Lesnar was born to fight (and possibly an actual viking born thousands of years too late), and has been fighting in one way or another his entire life. It’s why nobody should try to rush him at a WWE show, even though Brock says...

Like I said, it’s a very entertaining interview. If you’re not sold yet, my final pitch is to tell you it ends with a Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonation, and Lesnar’s headset hanging from the rafters...

Check the whole thing out here.

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