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MLW adds nZo grudge match and legend family to SuperFight

MLW is stacking the deck for their SuperFight event on February 26 in Charlotte, NC. They announced super news with more fights in the addition of a Stairway to Hell match, an nZo grudge match, a four-way bout for the National Openweight Championship, and a legendary tag team wrestler with his son.

One main event for SuperFight wasn’t enough, so MLW booked a second main event in addition to Alexander Hammerstone versus Davey Richards for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Jacob Fatu is getting his hands on Mads Krugger in one of MLW’s wildest match types in the Stairway to Hell.

The Stairway to Hell stipulation is described as:

2 weapons will hang high above the ring as two monsters of the mat vow to maim each other as CONTRA’s civil war hits Charlotte. Both combatants will wage war as they attempt to climb the ladder and grab either weapon and unleash hell on their adversary.

Each combatant has submitted their weapon of choice for the Stairway to Hell match.

The 7-foot masked mercenary has selected a Baklei war club. The club, a resourceful instrument of pain, was acquired by Krugger during his stint competing in illegal Baklei prize fights in the South African underworld.

A Maliliu Cane has been selected by Jacob Fatu as his weapon, which will be placed above the ring along with Krugger’s prior to the start of their colossal clash. Reportedly, a Maliliu Cane is a spiky, long bamboo stick, which has evolved into a dangerous street weapon wrapped in razor wire.

KC Navarro has a grudge to settle with nZo. The Certified G attacked Navarro from behind for stealing his spotlight. The assault sent Navarro to the hospital. MLW is giving Navarro the opportunity for payback.

In title action, Alex Kane will put the National Openweight Championship on the line against Calvin Tankman, Matt Cross, and ACH in a four-way. Kane demanded a big fight, so MLW gave him a big one in terms of numbers with three opponents.

MLW’s open door policy for free agents is swinging wide to welcome a tag team legend. Ricky Morton is official for SuperFight. Morton is bringing his son, Kerry, with him. Ricky is a member of the the Rock N’ Roll Express with Robert Gibson. They’ve won so many tag team championships that it is hard to keep track of them all. The father and son pair of Ricky and Kerry aim to make a strong impression and keep the Rock N’ Roll Express legacy grooving. No opponents have been named yet, but it would be pretty cool to see them wrestle the Von Erichs as a two historic families.

The advertised lineup so far for SuperFight currently includes:

  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Davey Richards
  • Stairway to Hell: Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu
  • MLW National Openweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) vs. Calvin Tankman vs. Matt Cross vs. ACH
  • Grudge Match: nZo vs. KC Navarro
  • Ricky Steamboat as guest matchmaker
  • Ricky Morton & Kerry Morton

Richard Holliday is not on the match list yet, but he is ready to bring his best.

Ever since Holliday dumped his AirPods, he has been looking to enhance his image. That outfit makes me wonder if he is embracing dance. The headband and pose remind me of John Travolta in Staying Alive.

If you’re eager for MLW action right now, check out the five-part MLW Azteca mini-series on MLW’s YouTube channel. Also tune in to the season premiere of MLW Fusion Thursday night at 8 pm ET on YouTube and Saturday on beIN SPORTS.

This episode kicks off the content from the Blood & Thunder taping from Dallas, TX. The main event for Fusion is Alexander Hammerstone defending the MLW world title against Pagano in Falls Count Anywhere. Also, King Muertes battles Richard Holliday and EJ Nduka looks to pummel Ikuro Kwon.

Tickets are currently available for SuperFight (here). If you are in the Dallas area, MLW has two shows for WrestleMania week. Tickets are available for Intimidation Games on March 31 (here) and the MLW Azteca interactive experience on April 1 (here).


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