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Gunn Club want to be able to sue you, Danhausen, or anyone that calls them ‘Ass Boys’

It makes sense. Billy Gunn used to wear trunks that said “Mr. Ass” on them. They’re Billy Gunn’s sons. Hence, they’re Ass Boys.

The nickname given to the Gunn Club almost certainly helped Danhausen, the wrestler who came up with it, land a job with AEW. It’s made Austin & Colten Gunn more popular than they’ve ever been — just ask their dad. They even got a nice song out of it!

And when Fightful discovered Austin was trademarking the term “Ass Boys”, it seemed like the Gunns were finally EMBRACING THE ASS.

Not so fast. According to the Ass Boys, they’re just trying to get people like me to stop calling them Ass Boys...

Not sure that’s exactly how the whole trademark thing works. We can certainly at least chant Ass Boys at the Ass Boys when they appear at Ass Embracing Wrestling shows. But it would stop anyone else from making money off the Ass Boys good name.

That’s really what it’s all about. And this trademark filing, and their spin on the reporting of it, shows the Ass Boys definitely know how to make some money off being Ass Boys.

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