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Good news on Barry Windham

2017 Monster Mania Con Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images

The wrestling week started with word Barry Windham was in intensive care after receiving life-saving treatment following what was described as a “massive heart attack.” Fortunately, as the week comes to a close, we’re getter much better news about the 62 year old WWE Hall of Famer.

Windham’s niece Mika Rotunda, who broke the news about the Horseman’s health when she started fundraising for the Horseman’s medical care, tweeted an update this morning:

The GoFundMe Mika (daughter of Barry’s old U.S. Express tag parter Mike “IRS” Rotunda, and brother of Bray Wyatt & Bo Dallas) started has raised $30K, including donations from recognizable names like Impact EVP Scott D’Amore, WWE’s JBL & Cody Rhodes, AEW’s Max Caster, and fellow Hall of Famer DDP — to name a few. She notes the page was necessary as her uncle doesn’t have health insurance, and has been limited in his ability to work due to health issues.

So continue to keep a good thought for Windham, but at least we have some good news to be grateful for this Friday morning.

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