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MLW Roundup: John Morrison returns, interpromotional title fight on Fusion, more!

MLW never sleeps. Their latest move through the free agent open door policy is bringing back a man with many names. Some might recognize him as Johnny Nitro, Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, Johnny Elite, Johnny Hardy, Johnny Caballero, or regular old John Morrison. Add a new name to his alias list. Johnny Fusion is returning to MLW.

Johnny Fusion will be in the house for MLW’s Blood & Thunder event on January 7 in Philadelphia.

No other details have been revealed yet about the Mayor of Slamtown. Johnny previously wrestled in MLW during 2017 and 2018. He came up short in a world title fight losing to Low Ki. Johnny also wrestled a handful of other matches, including Battle Riot and War Games.

The Blood & Thunder card currently contains:

  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Yamato
  • Jacob Fatu vs. Ben-K
  • Johnny Fusion in action

Next on the live event list is War Chamber on April 6 in New York City. Tickets went on sale Thursday morning. The War Chamber match is MLW’s equivalent to War Games. It will be interesting to see how MLW formulates the next War Chamber story. As of right now, I don’t see the angle. The last two War Chamber bouts were focused on babyfaces getting revenge on the Contra Unit. That evil cabal of mercenaries is no longer, so a new group of bad guys must emerge. Perhaps Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto) has a team of mean mofos in mind.

If you missed the news earlier this week, Richard Holliday revealed that he is diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. Holliday plans to put a positive purpose on recovery as inspiration for those suffering from the same disease. Holliday commented on the outpour of public support.

Looking back to last week’s episode of Fusion, Lady Flammer earned #1 contender status to challenge Taya Valkyrie for the MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship. Alexander Hammerstone retained the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Bandido in an awesome match. I recommend checking that one out (episode 157), available for free through Pro Wrestling TV. EJ Nduka tried to attack Hammerstone after the match, and a brawl broke out.

Nduka is angling for a world title shot to take Hammer’s gold. Hammerman isn’t necessarily mad about Nduka’s choice of tactics. It’s part of the game as world champ. However, Hammerstone is mad about a different choice from Nduka.

Hammerstone backs up his words. Take a peak at his legs.

Muscleman heat! Let’s get it on!

For the newest episode of Fusion debuting Thursday night at 8 pm ET on Pro Wrestling TV, Myron Reed will defend the MLW World Middleweight Championship against Shun Skywalker. The challenger is coming over from Dragon Gate for this Super Series event to show why he is a top star in the world. Nduka will be in action against Sultan del Aire, and the Samoan SWAT Team duo of Lance Anao’i and Juicy Finau will duke it out with Angel Fashion and Mark Davidson in tag team duty.

Alicia Atout returned with the latest installment of MLW Insider. She broke the Johnny Fusion news and interviewed EJ Nduka. The Judge made a seamless transition from WWE to MLW. He took the ingredients learned from WWE and made his own recipe for MLW. On the character storyline aspect, Nduka gave credit to Hammerstone as a dominant champion. He attacked Hammer to show that he doesn’t need validation. Nduka was patient upon entering MLW. He didn’t demand any title shots. Nduka worked to establish his reputation in Battle Riot and War Chamber. Along the way, he made it known that he wanted a chance at gold. Nduka felt that Hammerstone didn’t take him seriously, so it was time to make a statement. Nduka will show the world who is the true titan of MLW.

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