LMS ROH World Championship

Ring of Honor makes its LMS debut. The promotion was founded by Rob Feinstein on February 23, 2002, and was operated by Cary Silkin from 2004 until 2011, when the promotion was sold to the Sinclair Broadcast Group. After a deal was struck in March 2022, ROH was officially sold to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) founder, co-owner, president, and CEO Tony Khan two months later. This event will feature the ROH World Championship. There have Been 31 wrestlers who have been the ROH World Champion. This event will feature a Super Battle Royal.

  • Please read all Rules
  • All Wrestlers start at 6 points, when they reach or drop below 0 the are eliminated.
  • Each post you can add 3 points to one Wrestler and minus 3 points from one Wrestler.
  • You must wait until 3 people have posted before you may post again.
  • Points will be doubled to 6 starting when the Top 10 is reached
  • Each player will be limited to 5 post a day and the daily limit will reset at 12 Am EST/ 9 PM PST
  • You must date every post and list what number post it is for that day. EX 10/25 1 of 5
  • Rules for Super Battle Royal
  • The Super Battle Royal will begin when the Top 25 is reached.
  • There will be no daily limits during the Super Battle Royal and post made will not count towards that days limit. You still must wait for three people to post before you re-post.
  • At the start of the battle royal all wrestlers will start with 0 points
  • You will have 3 points to split up between the wrestlers each time you post.
  • You will not minus points in the battle royal.
  • At the end of the battle royal the 5 wrestlers with lowest scores will be eliminated. We will then return to the pre-battle royal scores
  • The wrestlers with the top three scores at the end of the battle royal will have points added to their existing score. If their is multiple wrestlers with the highest score one will be randomly selected. First place will have 12 points added. Second will have 9 points added. Third will have 6 points added
  • The Super Battle Royal will last for 24 hours
  • If there is a tie
  • the wrestler(s) who have the highest regular score will be safe.
  • if there is still a tie all the tied wrestlers will enter a two hour Tie-breaker round
  • The Tie-breaker round will have the same rules as the battle royal
  • At the end of the Tie-breaker round all wrestlers with the lowest score will be eliminated.
  • Wrestlers

Low Ki -6
Xavier -6
Samoa Joe -6
Austin Aries -6
CM Punk -6
James Gibson(Jaime Noble) -6
Bryan Danielson -6
Homicide -6
Takeshi Morishima -6
Nigel McGuinness -6
Jerry Lynn -6
Tyler Black(Seth Rollins) -6
Rodrick Strong -6
Eddie Edwards -6
Davey Richards -6
Kevin Steen(Kevin Owens) -6
Jay Briscoe -6
Adam Cole -6
Michael Elgin -6
Jay Lethal -6
Kyle O’Reilly -6
Christopher Daniels -6
Cody Rhodes -6
Dalton Castle -6
Matt Taven -6
Rush -6
PCO -6
Bandido -6
Jonathan Gresham -6
Claudio Castagnoli(Ceasro) -6
Chris Jericho -6

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