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MLW star Richard Holliday reveals cancer diagnosis

MLW wrestler Richard Holliday revealed that he is currently battling cancer. Holliday was diagnosed for stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is halfway through chemotherapy treatments.

Holliday spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated about the illness.

Holliday first noticed something was off in June when preparing for a Falls Count Anywhere match against Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Holliday explained:

When I wrestled Hammer in June, I was taking Dayquil to try to get through every day. I kept pushing and pushing, but I just felt off. At that point, I had just got home from California. The whole time I was there, I was freezing. I was pale white when I left after a month.

Holliday’s symptoms worsened to include dizzy spells and low levels in iron and hemoglobin. That led to more testing and the confirmation of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Holliday took the news with a positive mentality that he will recover:

It was earth-shattering, devastating. But I knew right then I needed to change my mindset. The mind powers the body, so I needed to stay positive. I was reassured by my doctor that I could beat this, and I believe I am going to beat this.

Holliday plans to turn this into an inspiration for others with the same sickness:

My plan is not to lose to lymphoma; my plan is to inspire people. I’m going to come out of this stronger, and I’m going to let people know they can beat it, too.

Be sure to check out Holliday’s full interview with Barrasso here.

Holliday was seen as a rising star when paired alongside MJF and Alexander Hammerstone for the Dynasty faction. After winning the MLW tag titles and the IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Championship, he made his move to break out into MLW stardom when feuding with Hammerstone over MLW’s top prize. Holliday came up short in that endeavor, but he showed that he has the skills to be a top guy in MLW. Holliday’s Falls Count Anywhere match against Hammerstone in episode 156 of Fusion is available for free viewing on Pro Wrestling TV and YouTube.

Much like his character’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of coffee, Holliday has his own blend of Rarefied Air coffee for sale.

Holliday also produced short films showing off his creativity.

One match in Holliday’s career that holds a special spot for him was battling Paul Roma in Big Time Wrestling in 2019. Holliday was trained by Roma.

Well wishes to Holliday in his recovery.

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