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MLW Fusion recap: Banger alert for Hammerstone vs. Bandido world title fight

If you’re yearning for a wrestling fix right now, MLW is your hookup. Bandido challenged Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship on the latest episode of Fusion available for free on Pro Wrestling TV, and it was a damn good match.

This Fusion episode kicked off the Super Series taping for an interpromotional exchange involving MLW, AAA from Mexico, DragonGate from Japan, and IWA from Puerto Rico.

Hammerstone and Bandido met for the main event of the evening. The roll call of former MLW world champions, the tale of the tape, Tim Barr’s introductions, and the crowd’s enthusiasm provided a big fight atmosphere. Tension was thick before the opening bell. The Latino fans in attendance of the Atlanta venue strongly favored Bandido. Mexico national flags were waved, cowbells were ringing, and chants of Bandido’s name made it a hostile environment for Hammer.

The match went roughly 15 minutes from bell to bell. Handshake to start. Hammerstone’s power earned an early advantage. Bandido’s quickness sent Hammer scurrying out of the ring to regroup. Bandido tried to follow for a suicide dive, but Hammerman saw it coming and blasted a power blow to the luchador in mid-flight. Hammerstone roughed up Bandido on the outside.

Bandido’s fighting spirit shined bright to rally for a leaping corkscrew attack.

Hammerstone responded with consecutive overhead release belly-to-belly suplexes and a gorilla press into a swinging uranage.

Bandido felt the power of the fans to answer for an impressive gorilla press.

As the match progressed, Hammerstone dug deep into his arsenal of maneuvers to hit a GTS and a Burning Hammer. Bandido kicked out on the cover.

Hammerstone aimed to finish with the Nightmare Pendulum slam, but Bandido kneed his way free to prevent impact. Bandido lifted Hammer for a stalling suplex then swung his hips on the mat to roll for the Three Amigos suplex train. Bandido went high-risk for a frog splash in homage to Eddie Guerrero. The fans were wild with excitement. Could there be a new champion? 1, 2, Hammerstone kicked out.

The fans still believed in Bandido to chant support in Spanish, “Yes, you can!” Bandido sized up Hammerstone to execute his signature 21 Plex slingshot German suplex finisher. Bandido charged forth and executed the maneuver to toss the champ across the ring. Holy shit that was awesome.

Unfortunately for Bandido, the motion of momentum carried Hammer rolling under the ropes to safety to avoid a pinfall. Hammerstone received precious recovery time on the outside. When Bandido rolled the champ back into the ring, Hammmer sprang a trap for several roll-ups. Bandido angled for an armbar, so Hammerstone lifted him into the air for a one-armed deadlift slam. Bandido was stunned on the mat. Hammerman seized the moment to finish with the Nightmare Pendulum for victory.

After the match, a handshake of sportsmanship was exchanged out of respect. Bandido grabbed a mic to thank Hammerstone for the amazing match. He put over Hammer as a deserving champ then led the crowd in singing, “Cielito Lindo.” I don’t know the significance of that, but it seemed like a nice gesture. After so many years of watching professional wrestling, my Spidey-sense kicked in that this might be a heel turn for Bandido. Nope. Bandido was cool all the way through. That’s nice to see, since it fits with his noble character across promotions.

Hammerstone and Bandido put on an entertaining bout. The rowdy crowd added an extra element to take the match to a higher level. Hammer was his usual degree of excellence, and Bandido’s displays of power on his larger opponent were awesome. The Eddie Guerrero tribute had the fans rocking with zestiness. I give the match thumbs up and recommend checking it out.

Hammerstone didn’t have much time to celebrate. EJ Nduka tried to execute a sneak attack for the second week in a row. Hammer anticipated it, and a brawl broke out to close the scene. Nduka’s motive is angling for a title shot that he feels Hammerstone is ducking from.

In other action, AAA sent a quartet of luchadoras to wrestle for #1 contender status to challenge Taya Valkyrie for the MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship. Lady Shani, La Hiedra, Lady Flammer, and Reina Dorada competed for the honor. In the end, Shani and Hiedra combined forces for a double superplex to Dorada. The match was a rugged affair. Shani and Hiedra were down upon impact and failed to capitalize. Flammer saw what was unfolding on the superplex and perched high above to launch for a flying splash onto Dorada for the win.

Flammer talked shit to Taya at the commentary table. Once the champ turned her back, Flammer attacked.

On the promo story tip, Myron Reed accepted the challenge from Shun Skywalker for the MLW World Middleweight Championship. That bout takes place on next week’s episode of Fusion. Alex Kane revealed that he was the one who stole the Opera Cup trophy from Davey Richards. Davey Boy Smith Jr. returns to MLW coming soon.

Jacob Fatu shared Modelo beers with Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i by the pool. Juicy ripped off his shirt to soak in sun rays. When questioned about cashing in the Battle Riot win for a world title shot, Fatu said that timing is everything. When asked about the Samoan SWAT Team chasing tag team gold in MLW, Juicy and Lance are ready to handle business.

Mance Warner was on the line speaking with Doc Gallows. Ole Mancer hyped his scoops hotline claiming Gallows was under the mask of Mads Krugger. Warner will find that mask in Gallows’ bags to expose the truth to the world.

The case of the mysterious attacker raged on. Cameras found Killer Kross knocked out in the back. Kross was supposed to have a match, but he was taken to the hospital instead. The show closed with Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto) stumbling upon unconscious wrestlers in the stairwell. The presumption was the mysterious assailant as the perpetrator. When Duran saw the calling card left behind, he urgently hightailed down the stairs. Something is up with Duran’s questionable lucha past in underground fighting clubs.

Fusion streams for free through Pro Wrestling TV. Fresh episodes debut Thursday nights at 8 pm ET.

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