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NWA Roundup: Matt Cardona finally beats nemesis, Rhett Titus earns WildKat title shot, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr (S11E3) featured Matt Cardona finally getting revenge on his NWA nemesis.

Cardona has a thorn in his side that goes by the name of Rolando Freeman. Cardona thought he chose an easy ride in his comeback match by handpicking a man small in stature. Freeman shocked the world at NWA 74 to hand Cardona an embarrassing loss. Cardona couldn’t let that slide, so a rematch was in order. Freeman did it again to embarrass Cardona for the second loss in a row.

Cardona wanted revenge, but he had to put up something of value to get it. The Powerrr matchup was Cardona & Mike Knox against the Spectaculars duo of Rush Freeman & Brady Pierce with a special stipulation as explained by the NWA:

If the Cardonas win, they get 5 minutes alone with Rolando Freeman, but if the Spectaculars win, Rolando Freeman gets Matt Cardona one-on-one with Matt’s next NWA World Title opportunity on the line!

The Spectaculars were victorious via disqualification when Cardona was overzealous with aggressiveness. He pushed the referee out of the way to attack in the corner, so the ref called for the bell to award the win to the Spectaculars.

Cardona versus Rolando took place immediately afterward. Cardona struck early with the Radio Silence leg lariat finisher. Rolando showed heart to kick out. The action spilled outside for Rolando to nail a DDT on the floor. Rolando rolled Cardona back into the ring. Cardona kicked out on the cover. Rolando continued with offensive momentum for a handful of near falls. After a boot to the face from Rolando, Knox placed Cardona’s foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall. Rolando neutralized the outside interference by launching for a flying crossbody onto Knox. Rolando connected on a jumping reverse bulldog to Cardona. 1, 2, Cardona kicked out.

Cardona had a trick up his sleeve to turn the tide. He pulled the referee in front as a shield to block a corner attack. Rolando moved the ref aside. As the official’s back was turned, Cardona kicked a low blow field goal. Cardona pounced for Radio Silence to win. Redemption was his.

NWA Powerrr

In other action, Aron Stevens ushered in Blunt Force Trauma for their tag team debut. Damage (Rodney Mack) and Carnage (Marshe Rockett) are masked men reminiscent of Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed). Blunt Force Trauma scored a squash victory over David Powers & Eddie Vero. KiLynn King defeated Samantha Starr via King’s Landing full nelson slam. Baby Doll was by Starr’s side and teased a big announcement upon victory, but that news never came since Starr lost.

The latest episode of NWA USA (S5E3) featured the Revolution Rumble with a title shot on the line.

The NWA was hosted by WildKat Sports for Hard Times 3 weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. To honor the 11th anniversary of Wildkat Sports, they held the Revolution Rumble. 8 wrestlers enter to start. After five minutes, a new entrant will arrive every sixty seconds for a total of 23 competitors. The final two participants will have a match with the winner earning a title shot against Chuck Devine for the WildKat Sports Revolution Championship at a future event.

The lineup consisted of NWA talent, Wildkat wrestlers, and other familiar names such as Larry D (formerly of Impact) and Rhett Titus (formerly of ROH). Jennacide also entered the mix by stomping on “Magic” Jake Dumas’ injured foot to take his spot. She earned two eliminations before being tossed out by Odinson.

The nitty-gritty cleared fast with a furious flow of eliminations. Mercurio dumped Danny Flamingo. PJ Hawx came from behind to toss Mercurio. Odinson clotheslined Hawx over the ropes. The final two were Odinson and Titus.

Odinson crushed power offense. Titus used technical skill to focus on weakening the arm. Titus secured a keylock submission, but Odinson rolled it over to stomp his way free. The damage was done though. Titus followed with a belly-to-belly suplex. Titus launched for a flying dropkick to finish, however, Odinson met him in the air with a hefty jumping uppercut. After a running uppercut in the corner, Odinson smashed a monstrous shoulder tackle Pounce. Odinson tried to lift Titus in a fireman’s carry, but his arm gave out. Odinson switched to his healthy limb for an airplane spin setting up an F10. Round and round and round, Titus escaped down the back side for a stack roll-up to win.

Rumbles are always fun, even if the names are unfamiliar. The finish was pretty slick with excitement.

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