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WWE reportedly pulled D-Von Dudley from ECW tribute show

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WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley was scheduled to appear at Battleground Championship Wrestling’s Tribute to the Extreme show at the 2300 (fka ECW) Arena in Philadelphia on Saturday night (Dec. 17).


Dudley was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with his long-time tag partner Bubba/Bully Ray back in 2018, and currently works for the company as a coach & producer in NXT. He was planned to appear in Bully’s corner during his match with Matt Cardona, but on Friday the promoters announced he would not work Tribute to the Extreme or the Icons of Wrestling convention being held in conjunction with it:

Here we go: Due to circumstances beyond my control D-Von will no longer be at Icons & Battleground. D-von is beyond devastated by this and I want everyone to know that this turn of events had absolutely NOTHING to due with D-von. Currently I’m hesitant to put the reasoning in writing but I will have zero hesitation telling the entire wrestling world why this happened inside the ring. To those who made this decision you will not deter us. You will not stop us. You may think you have control but rest assured you do not. All Dudley boy presales will be refunded first thing Monday Morning. The Dudleys platinum VIP will be replaced by 3 guests of your choosing. One final message to those responsible, I’ll see you in the ring and we shall let the people be the judge & jury.

Sounds ominous! But don’t hold your breath for that in-ring showdown, at least if PWInsider’s report about what happened is correct... I don’t think Triple H or WWE’s lawyers are going to show up to the next BCW show. But they may have to if they want to keep the promotion from running another ECW tribute next year, especially after this year’s sold out:

The promotion’s side is that they received a legal letter from WWE this past Thursday upset about BCW promoting a Tribute to the Extreme at the show, playing off the ECW intellectual property, which is obviously now owned by WWE. D-Von was then pulled from the show, despite, according to the promotion, personally reaching out to WWE Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque to get the edict reversed, which was not successful.

The promotion’s Timothy Embler announced to the live crowd that the promotion intends to make Tribute to the Extreme an annual event every December.

Neither WWE nor D-Von has commented on Insider’s report.

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