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CMLL Roundup: Rocky Romero & Lady Frost winners of Bicentennial Cup, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

CMLL honored 200 years of diplomatic relations between the USA and Mexico by holding La Copa Bicentenario tag tournaments for men and women last week (Dec. 9). Mistico & Rocky Romero emerged on the men’s side, and Dalys & Lady Frost were victorious on the women’s side.

The format was four teams competing in each bracket. Both team members had to be eliminated for victory.

For men’s Bicentennial Cup semifinals, Mistico & Rocky Romero won their contest against Ultimo Guerrero & Kenny King via standing armbar from Mistico and sliced bread from Romero. Volador Jr. & Lince Dorado defeated Hechicero & Matt Taven on a backcracker from Volador Jr. and a shooting star press from Lince Dorado.

Mistico & Rocky Romero took home the trophy in the final over Volador Jr. & Lince Dorado via double submission. Mistico cinched tight his signature whirling armbar, and Romero countered a tumble off the turnbuckles for an armbar of his own. Afterward, Romero issued a challenge to Volador Jr. for the World Historic Welterweight Championship. No date has been mentioned for that potential matchup.

Take a peak at highlights from the men’s Copa Bicentenario.

For women’s Bicentennial Cup semifinals, Jarochita & Ivelisse advanced past Reyna Isis & Avispa Dorada on a musclebuster from Jarochita and an octopus submission from Ivelisse. Dalys & Lady Frost bested Lluvia & Alex Gracia on a powerbomb from Dalys and an Air Raid Crash from Lady Frost.

Dalys & Lady Frost triumphed in the final over Jarochita & Ivelisse. Dalys slammed Jarochita to set Lady Frost up for a corkscrew moonsault. Meanwhile, Dalys suplexed Ivelisse to finish the double pins and win the tournament.

Enjoy highlights from the Amazonas Copa Bicentenario.

CMLL continued with tag team tournament action in La Gran Alternativa on Friday night (Dec. 16). Duos were comprised of a veteran talent with a young luchador on the rise. The field consisted of Atlantis & Arkalis, Volador Jr. & Panterita del Ring Jr., Titan & Suicida, Soberano Jr. & Halcon Suriano Jr., Valiente & Valiente Jr., Blue Panther & Cachorro, Stuka Jr. & Neon, and Gran Guerrero & Raider.

The semifinals came down to Volador Jr. & Panterita del Ring Jr. beating Titan & Suicida and Gran Guerrero & Raider defeating Soberano Jr. & Halcon Suriano Jr. La Gran Alternativa final between Volador Jr. & Panterita del Ring Jr. and Gran Guerrero & Raider will take place Friday, December 23.

Highlights for La Gran Alternativa are high-flying and heavy-hitting.

One final note. CMLL is bringing back live streaming for their Tuesday shows on their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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