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Dax Harwood reflects on the masterpiece that left him with a bruised butt

Dax Harwood’s Twitter

The Briscoes and FTR were responsible for three of my favorite matches of the year. I haven’t finalized my power rankings yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m among those who consider their Double Dog Collar match from last Saturday’s Ring of Honor Final Battle PPV to be the best of the trilogy.

Dax Harwood is one of those who hold their most recent match in the highest esteem. He took to social media earlier today (Dec. 16) to share a bit about why he considers it his “masterpiece”:

Artists have the one piece they’re the most proud of, and that’s their Masterpiece. This was my Masterpiece. Watching it, honest to God, I’ve laughed, I’ve cringed, and I’ve cried. Over every other match I’ve had, this is the one I’m the most proud of.

2022 has been a storybook year for me. Almost unbelievable at times. Through anger, frustration, joy, and pain, it’s been the greatest year of my life. Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of yours. I hope we could make it a little bit better.

2023 is going to be unknown territory, and I’m not even sure that we can match up to what we’ve done this year, but you all have my word, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you’re just as entertained as ever.

Even if that wasn’t the case, Dax probably isn’t going to be forgetting that Dec. 10 showdown anytime soon. It’s gonna take a while for that bruise to heal...

So whenever you’re sitting comfortably on your posterior this weekend, think of Dax (and Cash Wheeler, and their dance partners — if you’re so inclined/don’t work for Warner Bros Discovery) and say “thanks”.

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