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Mercedes Varnado is BUSY

That’s the big takeaway from her appearance on Bayley’s (fun, star-studded) Instagram charity fundraiser. There may have been a few clues about aka Sasha Banks’ wrestling future, too.

As has been the case for most of her career, and especially since she & Trinity “Naomi” Fatu walked out of WWE this past May, the wrestling world is kind of obsessed with Mercedes “Sasha Banks” Varnado right now.

That’s because the latest reports on her next move point to Japan, where the WWE Grand Slam champion is rumored to be crossing a few items off her bucket list while helping Bushiroad further raise the profile of joshi (women’s) wrestling by working in their Stardom and New Japan promotions. And it’s one of the reasons there was interest in her appearance on Bayley’s charity Instagram feed on Dec. 14.

We say “one of the reasons”, because while it was unlikely Varnado would break news, it’s always great to see the two old friends catch up. And with other guests like Big E, Indi Hartwell, Roxanne Perez, and actor Jake Johnson, the entire stream is a hoot. Plus, did we mention it was to raise money for Bay Area non-profit Family Giving Tree?

Mercedes did give us a few updates though. And while talking about upcoming non-wrestling projects, she did offer some hints about her wrestling career.

First, she discussed filming a movie while training lucha libre:

“Insane how full circle that is, to get a first movie and to know that it’s in Boston. It came at a weird point where I was right in the middle of training in Mexico, so I kind of had to choose what days I needed to give up for that. To go back and forth between Boston and Mexico was such an incredible experience that I can say that I did it, I accomplished that, and it’s cool.”

Then, as she discussed other projects she’s working on, Varnado focused on the end of the year as a turning point. That could just be for the same reasons everyone thinks of the new year in that way. But it’s also when her WWE contract is said to be up...

“I‘m trying to slow down because I do too much. A makeup line is coming. A makeup brand is coming, tutorials are coming. I’m doing so much, especially the last [month] of 2022, December, I have a couple more weeks to get everything in order before the new year. I’m just working.”

Read into those quotes what you will. But if you like watching friends catch up for a good cause, don’t skip Bayley’s IG just because it didn’t have any Mercedes Moné at Wrestle Kingdom news.

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