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Jericho’s NSFW defense for tapping out to Claudio’s Giant Swing at Final Battle

The third Ring of Honor PPV of the Tony Khan-era ended with Claudio Castagnoli winning the World title from Chris Jericho.

It wasn’t a terribly surprising outcome — a lot of folks figured Jericho’s reign could come to end at Dec. 10’s Final Battle. But how it happened generated a fair amount of discussion. Jericho tapped out while in Castagnoli’s Giant Swing, a spot that typically just happens to pop the crowd while Claudio’s in control of the match. The Swing is seen as a way to soften up his opponent for a Neutralizer, or a Ricola Bomb, or a Sharpshooter. It’s not been a submission, even when the Swiss Superman gets to 30+ rotations like he did on Saturday night in Arlington, Texas.

Surprising? For sure. Don’t call it “dumb” though. Not anywhere it might show up in Jericho’s timeline, anyway...

I don’t know if I’d shit my pants and cry for mommy, but I’ve been dizzy, which is enough to tell me I don’t want to become really dizzy because someone is swinging me in circles by my ankles.

So while it’s unconventional for someone to tap to the swing, it does make sense that they would. It also seems like there might be more to come from this. This wouldn’t be the first time Jericho’s gone all out to defend a criticized moment from one of his big matches, but he’s done enough to call attention to this one that I’d be surprised if it doesn’t come up on Dynamite or Rampage this week.

What’s your take, fellow fuck faces? Mine is that this finish was fine, but Briscoes/FTR still should have been Saturday’s main event.

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