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Tony Khan’s news about ROH TV was underwhelming, at least so far

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Since he announced his purchase of Ring of Honor back in March, members of the media and fans have been asking Tony Khan when the ROH product would get a television or streaming home.

As more & more talent jockeyed for some of the three hours of TV time Khan had at his disposal each week, and complaints that ROH angles were clogging up AEW’s shows, those questions got louder. In the days leading up to the Final Battle PPV today (Dec. 10), Tony said we’d get less Ring of Honor on Dynamite & Rampage going forward. He hinted that was because he was finally going to be able to tell us that ROH had its own time on some channel or service.

When no announcement was made during the PPV, anticipation was high for the post-show presser. And anticipation grew while the wrestlers came through to answer questions. Finally, TK was alone with a microphone.

There were a lot of words, but not a lot of clear answers.

In general, Khan kicked the can down the road until next month. He now expects we’ll get more news after Wrestle Kingdom 17, because New Japan Pro-Wrestling will be heavily involved in the project. Khan & NJPW officials are in discussions about whatever it is we’ll learn more about in January.

New Japan were only one of the partner promotions TK mentioned, along with DDT and NOAH. He also alluded to a lucha libre influence, making it sound like the future ROH TV will be a collaborative effort. While AEW talent may be a part of the mix, Khan expects some wrestlers to be exclusive to Ring of Honor.

Where will we be able to watch whatever ROH TV ends up being? On Ring of Honor’s existing Honor Club service.

Khan said he didn’t want to waste the work done on Honor Club by ROH’s previous owners, Sinclair Broadcasting. So the tape library will live there, along with the new television show — whenever it starts. Future PPVs will continue to stream on Bleacher Report here in the United States (Khan stressed the importance of his relationship with BR’s owners Warner Bros Discover throughout his comments, and said their partners there are happy with them, but apparently not happy enough to pay for more wrestling right now). After 90 days, those will join the Honor Club library.

And you can get access to that for $9.99 per month.

Not what anyone was hoping to here TK say about ROH TV. Probably not what he wanted to say.

But it’s something. If it does nothing but free Rampage up to be more a true AEW show, that will be a big help. If it delivers a new kind of product, showcasing talent and angles from multiple companies all over the globe? That will be a really interesting experiment.

For now though, we’re back to waiting for more details.

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