You Gotta See This!

I don't usually post even in the comments section, but I have been watching this clip several times already since Friday and still can not believe how awesome and smooth that finisher was (the embedded video should be queued up to the right. spot for you to see the exact moment I have been mesmerized by, but skip to the 2:30 mark if it isn't for you):

Sol Ruca vs. Valentina Feroz on NXT Level Up

I am pretty sure somebody has done it already somewhere in the Indies or Japan, but this is the first time I saw this front (mother?) flipping RKO finisher and IT IS WILD. Seeing the people at ringside rise up from their seats and the reaction of the commentary team (I am pretty sure they were not expecting that, unless they could really act very well) reminded me that through all the tribalism and negativity surrounding Pro Wrestling, there are still moments like this that really made me a fan.

Sol Ruca only has a handful of matches since debuting about a couple of months ago. I believe she did not have any experiences outside NXT, but to see how good she is now compared to when she debuted, I am excited to see where her development will take her down the line. (Of course, special shout out to Valentina Feroz for enhancing that move. I am a fan since she started, but I totally forgot about her when I saw that finisher!)

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