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Briscoes become 13-time ROH tag champs beating FTR in bloody dog collar match at Final Battle PPV

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The Briscoes are the most the most decorated tag team in ROH history. Dem Boys added to their legacy by winning the ROH World Tag Team Championship for the 13th time.

The Briscoes engaged in tag team action (Tag team action!) against FTR at the Final Battle PPV. This wasn’t just a regular bout. No, no, no. The stakes were upped for a double dog collar stipulation to settle this beef. It was a wild and bloody fight.

Jay Briscoe paired off with Dax Harwood as dog collar mates, and Mark Briscoe was attached to Cash Wheeler. Let the fisticuffs begin! They rumbled tornado style all over the place. Production worked a split-screen gimmick to cover all the action. Chains and chairs were used as weapons.

The first big move came with Wheeler wrapping a chain around his forearm for a Doomsday Device to Mark.

The next whopper was Mark landing a froggy bow with the chain. Harwood wrapped the chain around his head for a diving headbutt to Jay.

Ref bump! Harwood used the chain to punch Jay repeatedly. Jay was savvy enough to pull the referee in front as a shield, and Harwood blasted Mike Posey by accident. Posey was a bloody mess. Referee Paul Turner jumped in to officiate the match.

Briscoes gained momentum for the Doomsday Device, but Wheeler put the kibosh on that idea by pulling his chain to send Mark crashing off the turnbuckles onto a pile of chairs. Harwood was distracted by that scene, and Jay took advantage for Jay Driller onto the chain. 1, 2, kick out by Harwood. Dax the Axe came back with a low blow kick and piledriver. 1, 2, kick out by Jay.

Harwood grabbed a chair ready to swing. Wheeler got his attention for a different plan. Wheeler shouted, “Fucking murder him,” and slid in chair after chair after chair.

Harwood set up a death maneuver from the turnbuckles. I believe the intention was a spike piledriver onto the pile of chairs. Jay slipped out below to whip the chain into Harwood’s groin and execute a superplex onto the steel. Jay was slow on the cover, and Harwood kicked out.

Jay transitioned to a submission using the chain to pull against Harwood’s face. Mark acted as dead weight on the outside preventing Wheeler from making the save. Harwood eventually passed out from the pain, and the Briscoes were new champs.

Get full results for Final Battle here. Catch the PPV replay on Bleacher Report and Fite TV , depending on your location.

Are you all aboard the ROH train to celebrate the Briscoes as 13-time tag champs? How did that match stack up to the previous encounters between the Briscoes and FTR?

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