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Claudio Castagnoli wins ROH World Championship from Chris Jericho at Final Battle PPV

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Claudio Castagnoli has restored honor to Ring of Honor.

Claudio won the ROH World Championship from Chris Jericho at the Final Battle PPV to end Jericho’s desecration of the ROH legacy.

The main event kicked off with Claudio extending his hand for the Code of Honor handshake. Jericho responded by kicked Claudio in the gut then exiting the ring to chase Ian Riccaboni off commentary.

Claudio intercepted Le Champion and smashed him around the ringside area. Back inside the ring, Claudio hit a Neutralizer finisher early. 1, 2, Jericho kicked out. Claudio continued his attack with a gutwrench superplex. No pinfall on that one as Claudio collected his composure.

Jericho was able to turn the tide when Claudio missed a leaping cannonball off the apron crashing down to the floor. Le Champion dishonorably taunted the crowd. Jericho paid the price by running the ropes into a pop-up uppercut from Claudio. Kick out on the cover.

The crowd was fully invested in the match and chanted ‘ocho’ anytime a count reached eight.

After exchanging big boots and roars, a double clothesline had both men down on the mat. Back up to their feet for chops from Jericho and European uppercuts from Claudio. Jericho poked Claudio in the eye to win that duel. Claudio responded by snatching Jericho’s feet for a giant swing. Jericho was able to counter on the first rotation for the Walls of Jericho submission.

Claudio grit through the pain to reach the ropes for a dramatic break. Jericho lambasted referee Paul Turner, then he turned around into an uppercut from Claudio. Cool Hand ran out to distract the ref, so Daddy Magic could pass a baseball bat to the JAS leader. Jericho cracked Claudio in the head. The Wizard flopped on the mat to magically pretend nothing happened. He waited too long playing his scheme to fool the referee. On the cover, Claudio kicked out.

The referee ejected Cool Hand and Daddy Magic. Claudio took advantage of the confusion for a cradle roll-up. Jericho kicked out and fired back for a Codebreaker. Le Champion waited patiently to size up Claudio for a Judas Effect finisher. Claudio ducked and took Jericho for a ride on the giant swing. Round and round and round they went. At rotation 33, Jericho tapped out on the mat. Claudio proved professional wrestlers beat sports entertainers to win the final battle.

Get full results for Final Battle here. Catch the PPV replay on Bleacher Report and Fite TV , depending on your location.

What’s your take on Claudio Castagnoli winning the ROH World Championship from Chris Jericho?

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