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ROH Final Battle 2022 live results: Jericho vs. Claudio, FTR vs. Briscoes, more!

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Bleacher Report

Ring of Honor returns with the Final Battle event on Sat., Dec. 10, 2022, from Arlington, Texas. The card has six title fights headlined by Chris Jericho defending the ROH World championship against Claudio Castagnoli and FTR putting the ROH World Tag Team titles on the line against the Briscoes in a double dog collar match.

Final Battle is available for viewing through Bleacher Report in the USA, and on Fite internationally. The PPV starts at 4pm ET with the free “Zero Hour” pre-show at 3 pm ET.

Catch up on storylines and see who we’re picking in our preview & predictions. Following along here for updates, and have fun chatting in the open thread.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman opened the broadcast from the commentary table.


Jeff Cobb defeated Mascara Dorada. The masked luchador was Gran Metalik in WWE. Power versus high flying. Cobb caught Mascara Dorada running the ropes for a pop-up Tour of the Islands swinging slam to win.

Daddy Magic & Cool Hand defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger & Eli Isom). The sports entertainers made a mockery of the Code of Honor by continually requesting to shake hands. JAS managed to isolate Cheeseburger. Hot tag to Isom running wild. Shinobi Shadow Squad set up for a teamwork finisher. As Cheeseburger ran the ropes, Cool Hand low bridged him out of the ring. Daddy Magic hit a German suplex on Isom, then JAS combined forces for a double lifting DDT. Cool Hand pinned Isom for the win.

Willow Nightingale defeated Trish Adora. Competitive contest. Willow surprised Adora with a huge Pounce shoulder block. That set up the gutwrench powerbomb for victory.

Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) defeated The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett). Maria Kanellis was ringside for the OGK. Creative high-octane offense versus shifty tag team tactics. After a barrage of aerial assaults all around on the outside, Dante saw an opportunity for his double springboard moonsault finisher. Maria conveniently hopped onto the apron to block his path. She shoved the referee in argument and was ejected. Her purpose was served though to buy precious recovery time for OGK. It didn’t matter in the end. Top Flight seized control to win on a spectacular maneuver. Dante executed a double springboard moonsault as Darius lifted Bennett for a powerbomb. The impact looked sort of like a Doomsday Sliced Bread powerbomb.


AR Fox & Blake Christian defeated Rush & Dralistico. Upset alert! Dralistico made his ROH debut coming to join brother Rush. Jose The Assistant and 10 were ringside. Amazing athleticism versus rugged Ingobernables attitude. The babyfaces exploded for a springboard flatliner from Fox and a flipping DDT from Christian both to Dralistico. Blake hurdled the referee to smash Rush on a suicide dive. Fox landed a 450 splash. 1, 2, 3? Dralistico kicked out, but the referee ruled it wasn’t quick enough. The victory was awarded to Fox & Christian. It was an awkward moment that wasn’t clear if it was the intended outcome. Afterward, Los Ingobernables attacked the winners with chairs.

ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena defeated Mercedes Martinez to win the title. Slobberknocker. Athena connected on a fancy jawbreaker. Martinez reached the ropes to break the pinfall. Frustration overwhelmed Athena as she bullied the referee and tore off the turnbuckle pad. Athena plotted a ruse by grabbing the referee by the shirt. Martinez stepped in to keep the official safe. Athena used that distraction trying to shove Martinez into the exposed steel. Martinez stopped short, so Athena dropkicked her into the corner. The back of Martinez’s head collided with the turnbuckle metal. Athena perched up high and launched for the O-Face flying stunner to win.

Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland defeated Shane Taylor & JD Griffey. Action-packed bout. Lee accidentally clobbered Swerve, so Swerve ditched his partner. Lee won anyway. He survived a piledriver from Taylor and a knee strike from Griffey to kick out on both covers. Lee ducked a high kick from Griffey, which blindsided Taylor upside the head. Lee crushed Griffey on a fireman’s carry powerslam for victory.

ROH World Six-Man Championship: Brian Cage, Kaun, Toa Liona defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys to win the titles. Muscle power was too much for peacock power. Castle and the Tate twins had momentum on their side down the stretch. Prince Nana ruined their rhythm by tossing Brent Tate into the ring to block Castle’s suicide dive. Liona took advantage of the confusion to ram Brent into Castle. The Gates of Agony tossed Brent into the air for a powerbomb from Cage to win.

Daddy Magic and Cool Hand interrupted a Top Flight backstage interview. A brawl broke out and headed on stage. Officials were able to separate the skirmish. Cool Hand grabbed the mic to ask a very important question. If ROH is so great, then why did it die in the first place? Chris Jericho is the one man that can resurrect ROH. Daddy Magic’s nipples are hard at the idea of Claudio Castagnoli becoming a sports entertainer to team with Jake Hager for a duo called Hat Trick.

ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta defeated Daniel Garcia to win the title. Pure rules in effect. Judges were Christopher Daniels, BJ Whitmer, and Jerry Lynn in the case of a time-limit draw. Garcia and Yuta exploded with furious punches as soon as the bell rang. Garcia landed a closed-fist punch in the first 30 seconds. The referee issued a warning. The next closed-fist punch would result in a disqualification and title change. Yuta popped Garcia back to use his closed-fist punch warning. Garcia’s strategy was to trap Yuta in the ropes then apply submissions to force rope-breaks. All three of Garcia’s rope-breaks were exhausted by the 7:35 mark. Yuta battled back in the end to hit a piledriver. Garcia kicked out, so Yuta unloaded a barrage of hammering elbows to knock Garcia into unconsciousness at 14:50.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: Briscoes defeated FTR in a double dog collar match to win the titles. (Full details here.) Brutal, bloody fight. Jay Briscoe and Dax Harwood were collared together, and Mark Briscoe was collared to Cash Wheeler. For the finish, Jay hit a superplex to Harwood landing onto a pile of chairs. Jay was slow on the cover, and Harwood kicked out. Jay used the chain to pull back on Harwood’s face for a submission, sort of like a crossface with a chain. Mark sandbagged on the outside preventing Wheeler from entering the ring to help his partner. Harwood passed out from pain. Dem Boy are the new champs.

Afterward, the Gunn sons attacked FTR. They want to kill FTR’s legacy. Briscoes ran out to chase away the Ass Boys. Harwood spoke on the mic to make it FTR’s mission to beat the Gunns’ asses.

ROH World Television Championship: Samoa Joe retained against Juice Robinson. Joe controlled much of the bout. Juice rallied with plans to fly high from the top turnbuckle. Joe charged into the ropes to knock Juice down. A musclebuster sealed the deal.

ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli defeated Chris Jericho to win the title. (Full details here.) If Claudio loses, then he must join the Jericho Appreciation Society. Main event style. Jericho trapped Claudio in the Walls of Jericho for a dramatic rope-break. Cool Hand ran out to distract the referee, and Daddy Magic handed a baseball bat to Jericho. Boom to Claudio’s head. Jericho flopped loudly to hide his treachery from the referee. 1, 2, kick-out by Claudio. The referee sensed mischief and ejected JAS. The match continued, and Jericho hit a Codebreaker. He waited for Claudio to rise then pounced to attack for the Judas Effect. Claudio countered for the giant swing. Jericho tapped out on the mat in defeat during rotation 33. Claudio celebrated with Wheeler Yuta and Jerry Lynn.

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